March 14, 2018


  • Scott Adams: Creator of Dilbert. Alex keeps accidentally calling Scott "Dilbert," then immediately correcting himself. Scott Adams comments a bit on last night's PA special election, suggesting that Lamb will likely win because "he is the candidate that reminds people most of Trump." He also explains that people shouldn't care about students walking out of schools to protest our lack of gun laws because young people are the "dumbest people in society." Strong showing from Dilbert.
  • Roger Stone: Very boring appearance from Roger where he and Alex play the victim about lawsuits being filed against them. Alex tries to rally Roger to "get back on the offensive," but neither of them really has the energy to do so.
  • Gavin McInness: Failed stand up and leader of a completely idiotic definitely not white nationalist (but kinda white nationalist) fraternity called The Proud Boys. Whenever Gavin is on the show, he wastes most of his time doing incredibly hacky stand up bits about feminism, gay people, or "the leftists" that would not pass muster at an open mic. His showing today is particularly pathetic, and he repeatedly says that George Soros "led Nazis to Jews," which is something he can in no way prove. Then, he gets mad that people think that "Globalist" is a dog-whistle for Jews, when it absolutely is. Then, he and Alex spout a bunch of dumb theories about lesbians and about how liberals just want to be mad at "daddy," who I guess is supposed to be represented by these two assholes.
  • Steve Pieczenik: It appears that Steve is on the show today to make sure that Alex does not get suspicious about the CIA Director being made the new Secretary of State. Alex does constantly accuse the CIA of being part of the Deep State, so there would be cause for concern that he might look at this as a coup. Steve is a fan of Mike Pompeo (who is also a Koch favorite), and wants to make sure that Alex doesn't start pushing back against him. Also, he repeatedly calls George Soros a "Jew rat."


As has been the theme lately, most of this show is about how Alex is the victim of a coordinated attack, carried out by (if you believe Alex's version) the Pope, the Jesuits, Georgetown University, George Soros, the "Globalists," the Deep State, Hillary's former top lawyer, Michael Jackson's lawyer, and the entirety of the Democratic party. He spends almost the whole first hour complaining about fake versions of the lawsuits against him, and telling his audience that they need to give him money.

He takes the narrative up to a whole new level today, going so far as to say that if the people suing him are successful, it will be the end of the 1st amendment.

Ignore for a minute that the result of a civil trial can in no way set a precedent that would undo an amendment to the constitution. Ignore for a second that the only way to repeal an amendment to the constitution is to pass a new amendment to the constitution, which would require support of 2/3 of the members of Congress, and then need to be voted in by 3/4 of the states. Ignore for a moment that if this ruling of the judge in Alex's civil trial did conflict with the 1st amendment, all he would need to do would be to appeal the ruling and demonstrate that his rights were violated. Ignore for a little bit that the 1st amendment covers substantially more than "free speech," and in no way could this case do anything to any of that. Please keep ignoring these very basic truths, it's much more fun to just hear Alex yell.

In reality, he has been skating by narrowly avoiding libel and slander suits for his entire career, and this is the end result, the chickens coming home to roost. Ultimately, he's begging the audience for money because he knows he's going to settle all of these lawsuits out of court and take a big hit, rather than risk what could come out if he had to defend any of his positions under oath. It's a pathetic display, and we can expect a whole lot more of it in the days to come.

In another interesting development, Alex Jones is now seemingly trying to get himself involved in lawsuits that aren't being brought against him. Seth Rich's parents have filed a suit against Fox News, Malia Zimmerman, and Ed Butowsky for creating and pushing a false story about their son's death that has caused them considerable harm. Due to the contents of emails that have come out from Butowsky showing a clear conspiracy to push the story in an effort to clear the Russians of the accusation of hacking DNC servers, it will probably be a successful suit.

Alex is pretending that the Rich's lawsuit is just them suing Fox News for "investigating" their son's murder. He is trying to pitch the narrative that people like Sean Hannity care more about finding the truth about Seth's murder than his parents do, which is a line so disgusting it is hard to find a suitable thing to compare it to.

Alex spends a bit of the show talking about how Seth Rich was murdered, and was behind the DNC hacks, because he knows that the material claim of this lawsuit is not about people spreading lies about Seth Rich; it is about the very clear conspiracy behind the scenes at Fox News to use his tragic death as a prop to defend Trump and Russia.

Other than that, the only part of the show that merits further mention is how awful and not funny Gavin McInness is. He has about a half-hour segment, and he spends most of the beginning of it accusing George Soros of having led Nazis to Jews, leading to their "extermination."

I've already written about this lie in detail here, so I won't bore the reader again. In reality, Gavin isn't upset about Soros, he's only bringing this up because he is all triggered about a lot of people calling his Nazi friends Nazis, all the while, it seems like only his Nazi friends are the ones calling George Soros a Nazi. It just doesn't make sense!

Gavin goes on to explain a very interesting theory about lesbians:

He seems to be operating under a couple of really fucked up assumptions:

  • Only gay people give birth to gay children
  • This is the first generation where lesbians have existed, and since they are not reproducing, there will be none next generation
  • A person's value to society is largely based on their reproductive ability

He believes the first two because he's a homophobic idiot and because he probably thinks he's being funny. He believes that third one because he is mad at white people who do not breed, as he thinks that other cultures are going to "breed white people out of existence." These are your standard white genocide narratives, and they're not made any more convincing when you just swap out the word "white" with "Western."

Alex and Gavin go on to do some hacky two-man stand up routine, tossing around stupid stereotypes about gay men and lesbians:

As fun as it would be to go through this point by point, it's clear that Gavin presents himself as both a comedian and as a political commentator because he is terrible at both things. However, by pretending to be both, when a joke doesn't land, he can claim he was making a serious point. Conversely, when someone calls him out for being a complete idiot and a bigot, he can go the Coward's Route and claim he was just joking, and that you're so triggered that you don't get his humor. It's a pathetic game his community plays to dodge any responsibility for the things they say, or how unfunny they are.

On this show, Alex also claims to have received inside information about the bombings in Austin. He claims it came directly from law enforcement that the bombs are amateur in nature, and may not look like a normal package. These are things that anyone could probably deduce. The part that is interesting about Alex's claim, however, is that he says that his source told him that the bombs are made on the doorstep where they are left, which seems like a completely inefficient plan for a bomber to utilize as it would leave them pretty exposed while they were assembling the bomb. Seems very dumb. When the facts of the case come out, we will see, but in the meantime, I will register that this does not sound real to me.