March 13, 2018


  • Brittany Pettibone: Brittany appears to be a guest on the show because Tommy Robinson was on yesterday and mentioned her. A lot of her interview is taken up by Alex complaining about how he's getting sued, and trying to loosely connect his perceived plight to Brittany's perceived plight. It's a largely uninspired showing, and full of weak strawman arguments about their oppression.
  • Lee Stranahan: Lee is a journalist who is being sued along with Alex Jones. Lee Stranahan used to write for Brietbart, but quit in protest, and began working for Sputnik, which is a state-owned Russian media outlet. When asked about the situation, he said: “I’m on the Russian payroll now. When you work at Sputnik you’re being paid by the Russians." After the Nazi rally in Charlottesville, VA, Lee Stranahan went on InfoWars and other outlets to claim a connection between the rally and George Soros, arguing that this was a repeat of what "the Globalists" did in Ukraine (mirroring the Russian government's position that they were the "good guys" in Ukraine). The interview on today's show is pretty boring, and mostly just serves to further Alex's dishonest take on the new lawsuit filed against him (more on that below).
  • Paul Joseph Watson hosted the 4th Hour, so I turned it off. I assume he continued the broadcast complaining about being persecuted.


The first hour of the show today was dedicated almost entirely to Alex going through his slow transformation into "Late Lenny Bruce Mode," where his show is now becoming more and more Alex complaining about his perceived victimhood. The difference is that Lenny Bruce was standing up for free speech, whereas Alex is just witnessing the inevitable end result of his years of terrible behavior and spreading propaganda.

Alex is claiming that six of the eleven lawsuits that have been filed against him have been dismissed "with prejudice." There is no way to confirm any of this, and there is a decent chance that Alex is just making up additional imaginary lawsuits to claim were dismissed to strengthen the perception of his position.

The new lawsuit that he is discussing today is being brought against him by Brennan Gilmore, the person who recorded the video of Heather Heyer being murdered by a Nazi at the Charlottesville rally. Gilmore alleges that incendiary "reporting" carried out by Alex Jones (among others, also listed in the lawsuit) led to him being the target of harrassment and violent threats.

Alex's spin on this is to say that he is being sued by "the Jesuits," Pope Francis, and the "deepest part of the deep state," because the lawsuit was filed by the Georgetown Law School's Civil Rights Clinic. Alex thinks, or is at least pretending that he thinks, that this means that Georgetown itself is suing him.

This could not be further from the truth. If you look into the Civil Rights Clinic, you will find out what this organization actually is:

The Civil Rights Clinic operates as a public interest law firm, representing individual clients and other public interest organizations, primarily in the areas of discrimination and constitutional rights, workplace fairness, and open government... Students interview clients, develop case theories, draft and file complaints in state and federal courts, conduct discovery, engage in motions practice, and prepare appeals.

The Civil Rights Clinic is basically the equivalent of psychology students that take on clients to earn course credit and gain experience, while simultaneously allowing patients with less resources access to mental health care. The Civil Rights Clinic just does that same kind of thing, but with law students.

So why Georgetown? Probably because it's one of the largest colleges with a very good legal department, that is a two-hour drive from Charlottesville, Virginia. It's not really not that suspicious at all, and is just another case of Alex trying to create a fake version of reality to attack as opposed to dealing with what is actually going on.

The twisting of this narrative takes up pretty much the entire program, with Alex weaving in constant reminders that the only way he's going to survive this "Globalist attack" is if everyone out there sends him money. Pretty par for the InfoWars course.

Alex briefly touches on today's firing of Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, and plays a little bit of Tillerson's press conference. Alex says that everything Tillerson is saying is "code" and that it is probably a "message to the Globalist stay-behind networks." He does not elaborate on this absurd theory any further.