Our podcast is nearly impossible to sell to you. We primarily talk a bunch about how Alex Jones is an idiot and intentionally misleads his listeners for fun and profit, but that's not the whole story. We also branch off into the nature of conservative propaganda and the art of the con, breaking down scam artists from the worlds of politics, religion, and of course, outer space. It sounds more complicated than it is; really it's just a show about one friend researching things and telling another friend about the depressing and hilarious things he learned.

Our Most Recent Episode

March 24, 2009: Today, Dan and Jordan get back to their normal show by chatting about the March 24, 2009 episode of The Alex Jones Show. The gents find Alex completely freaking out (and fake crying) about his made up Mandatory Service Bill, and breaking some bad news about a past guest with a really funny name.


Check out our archive of episodes where we fully document and make fun of all the racist, misogynist, and outright deceitful things that Alex Jones says every day on his show.

We know, we know...it sounds horrible and unlistenable, but we promise, we make it funny.

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