March 12, 2018

Finally, Alex is back from "vacation," and he comes out of the box hot.


  • Tommy Robinson: Noted anti-Muslim agitator, and career criminal (convicted for having a fake passport in 2012, sentenced to 18 months in prison for mortgage fraud in 2014, to name a few crimes). Tommy Robinson, whose real name appears to be Stephen Lennon, is on the show in an attempt to save face because a video came out over the weekend of him getting punched in the face in a McDonalds parking lot. The interview is largely about how he actually was the victim of a coordinated attack (by Antifa?) and that he actually won the fight. It's a fascinating mix of Tommy trying to preserve his masculinity, while at the same time, trying to firmly establish his claim to being a victim. Basically, he's right on the InfoWars wavelength.
  • Mike Adams: "The Health Ranger" and proprietor of Natural News, one of the world's most popular "health conspiracy" websites. Most of his interview has to do with how his YouTube channel got taken down recently. It's really a meaningless interview, since YouTube is well within their rights to do that, so I don't really care. Mike is starting a new video hosting website, I think. I wish him the best of luck with that endeavor.


A large portion of today's show involves Alex going on unhinged rants about how the enemies he imagines he is up against are literally Satanic, and they want to kill your children. He keeps telling a very clearly fictitious story from his "vacation" wherein he is verbally assaulted by two gay men at the airport who (he claims) are offended by the fact that he has a family. Conveniently, he didn't get any of this on tape, particularly the part where these men try to start a fight with Alex's 15 year old son.

Alex's interview with Tommy Robinson takes up about an hour of the show, and is really just Tommy making sure everyone remembers that he's a big boy and good at fighting, interspersed with occasional yelling about Muslims. At one point, Alex says that Tommy is "the greatest patriot" alive today, which should be a strong indication that when Alex talks about "patriotism," he's not talking about a connection to one's country,. He probably uses the term to mean more of an ethnicity-based allegiance that he feels. This is incredibly troubling.

Alex has some interesting ideas about history on this episode, and he says a few things I have not heard him say before. For instance, he says that the original "Globalist traitor" was Harry S. Truman and that Alex wishes that General McArthur had carried out a military coup back then. This is nuts to hear someone who is supposedly for democratic government say, as generally speaking, military coups rarely lead to stability and acquiescence of power.

It is interesting to note, however, that neo-Nazis are really not into President Truman, and may think of him as a traitor as well (a "race traitor"), because he ended WW2, which led to the collapse of the Third Reich, and the creation of the state of Israel. Strange all the little parallels Alex's worldview has with Nazis. Probably a coincidence.

The only other main point on this episode is that it happens just as news is breaking that there was a bombing in Austin, the third in the month, and the second that day. As I am writing this, the case is still open and details are scarce, but Alex spent most of the show trying to work himself up to saying that Antifa did it. He keeps saying, "I'm not saying it was Antifa, but this looks like a commie bombing," over and over.

Late in the show, one of Alex's interns actually slips him a story about the bombings, and he accidentally reads that all the targets of the attacks have been African-Americans, and he is forced to concede, "I have no idea what's going on here." I, for one, could stand to hear him say that more often.

We did an episode of the podcast about March 12, 2018, which you can listen to below: