March 15, 2018


  • Bill Mitchell: Bill is a Trump supporter and guy with radio show on Periscope. Bill comes on the show today to spin some very far-out theories about what is really going on with Jeff Sessions, and that somehow Trump had flipped Mueller behind the scenes. As Bill and Alex were having this conversation, news broke that Mueller had subpoenaed records relating to Russia from Trump's businesses.
  • Ted Malloch: Ted is Alex's go-to guy when he wants to give the air of authenticity to his narratives about the "Globalists," because as he claims, Ted is a "Globalist insider," having been involved with The Aspen Institute. Unfortunately, it turns out that Ted has a pretty troubling history of being a public liar. As is so often the case with Alex Jones guests, Ted Malloch is another con man who has run out of places to run the grift, and has ended up at the end of the line: InfoWars.


A lot of today's show is spent getting into some real weird Doomsday Preacher style antics, about how the end times are upon us. He is getting esoteric all over the place, rambling about how human brains somehow involve an interdimensional "jump gate" that allows people to see the future. From anyone else, this sort of language would be troubling and evidence of a brain tumor, but from Alex, it's very clear that what it means is that he has no take on the news and needs to fill time.

Alex cites a speech by Niall Ferguson to make an argument that the technological elite will end up deciding elections in the future. Alex never wrestles with the fact that Ferguson is a guy who wrote an authorized biography (which has been described as "fawning") about Alex's arch-rival, and guy Alex thinks want's to kill 80% of the population, Henry Kissinger. He also doesn't deal with Ferguson's history of support for the Iraq War, and his push for America to embrace its empire. Instead of dealing with Ferguson's comments within the Neocon context in which they were spoken, Alex just calls him a "leading historian" and moves on.

He moves on to lamenting that a "slightly right wing organization" was getting cracked down on in the UK. He doesn't spend much time talking about this organization, which is probably for the best, since it's Britain First, which is a fascist group that exists specifically to harass and threaten Muslims in England. Their history is a huge bigoted mess, so it makes good sense that Alex supports them and wants to present them as victims. Because they are white.

On that tip, he goes on to rant about how 90%+ of public racism (cross burnings, for example) are fake and just psyops to make minorities look like victims. He also says that "the Democrats" were the trouble-makers in Charlottesville, which is an interesting argument, considering that literal Nazis were also right there on the table as possible people to call "trouble makers."

By this point, Alex has heard about the start-up Nectome, who has come out and said that they can upload your brain but you have to euthanized first. Alex believes that this is proof of his arguments that transhumanism is just trying to kill you and that he's been right all along.

Leave aside the companies such as Alcor Life Extension Foundation, who currently hold over 150 heads and bodies in stasis in liquid nitrogen (including baseball great Ted Williams) with the idea of transferring them into new bodies or computers once the technology is developed. Alcor has been around since 1972. Tons of other life-extension companies along this line exist and have for decades.

Past that, the part about people being euthanized is specifically a reference to the California End of Life Option Act, wherein people who have been diagnosed with terminal conditions are able to choose a physician assisted suicide to spare them the dignity of dying on their own terms. The conversation that Nectome is having about their process is specifically being had in that context, which Alex does not address.

Alex's analysis of this is incredibly shallow and stupid, and in no way based in reality.

The only other really meaningful thing that happens on this episode is that Bill Mitchell convinces Alex that it is possible that Mueller has investigated Trump and decided that Trump didn't commit any crimes, so now the two have teamed up and were about to take down Hillary. Mitchell tells Alex (and Alex later repeats) the conjecture that Jeff Sessions is playing possum and laying low, waiting to spring these indictments against Hillary at the right time to swing the 2018 midterm elections.

Now, some would say that "manipulatively using the legal system to persecute your political rivals in order to boost your party's public support" seems the exact sort of thing a dictator who is afraid of the will of the people might do, but in this case, Bill and Alex think it's a brilliant strategy. What a couple of unprincipled cowards.