March 16, 2018


  • Zaq: Zaq (or Zach, it's unclear) is a caller who Alex insists is a high-level intelligence community operative. They've played out a very compelling radio drama together, where Zaq appeared on Alex's show, then was caught by the FBI who was mad that he was talking to Alex. Zaq was taken to a FBI base to be interrogated and have his phone searched. He was told not to talk to Alex anymore, at which point he called Alex and talked to him again. Then, he fled to Morocco. None of this is real, and Zaq as a character exists almost entirely because Alex is jealous of the internet having a fake source in the form of QAnon to obsess over, so he made one of his own.
  • Lucy Brown: Lucy is Tommy Robinson's camera person. Tommy is a dick and a life-long con artist/criminal. As such, it feels bad to insult Lucy, since odds are she is a pretty good example of one of his victims, someone who needed something in their lives, and unfortunately found Tommy.
  • Steven Crowder: Crowder thinks he is a comedian. He is not funny. He has a show on YouTube called Louder With Crowder, which is kind of like a seemingly friendlier and less obviously angry/antisemitic of the Alex Jones Show. The "cultural perspectives" of the two shows are shockingly similar, Crowder's guest list has a lot of overlap (Paul Joseph Watson, Ted Nugent, Gavin McInness, James O'Keefe, etc.)
  • Joel Gilbert hosts the 4th Hour. Joel has made multiple "documentaries" about Obama that are sold on Alex's store. One of them is about how Obama's real dad is Frank Marshall Davis, and is a load of shit. Joel's guest for the fourth hour is Danney Williams, the guy who republican dirty-tricksters tried to pass off as Bill Clinton's illegitimate love-child. It seems like Joel Gilbert has a bit of a theme to his reporting.


One of Alex's big narratives that he starts the show off with is about how there was a church in Australia who was forced to take Jesus off of a banner they had paid to hang at a mall, because the mall was concerned that the name Jesus may offend non-Christian customers. Alex makes one critical error in reporting this story, and it's the one he makes all the time: he did not read the story.

He is holding a report from the Daily Mail, and if you go and find the story he is reporting on, you will find the following:

Pastor Duffy claimed Lendlease requested to withdraw the word ‘Jesus’ from the sign as it may have offended shoppers and non-Christians...Pastor Duffy said Lendlease has since changed their mind and allowed the word ‘Jesus’ to be included in the sign.

In a statement, a Lendlease spokeswoman said they regretted asking for the sign to be amended. ‘It was an error of judgment to ask Elim Church to change its messaging, and we apologise unreservedly.’

Alex could not be bothered to read to the fourth or fifth paragraph of the story to see that the issue has already been resolved, the mall deemed the initial reaction an "error of judgment," and they apologized unreservedly. Alex Jones is a profoundly dumb and lazy broadcaster.

After this point, most of the episode becomes a "we are under attack" pity party. Alex talks to Lee Ann McAdoo about how she is getting sued along with Alex (the lawsuit brought by Brennan Gilmore), and about how they are totally going to win, and they are being punished for his speech.

Later, he has Steven Crowder on to talk about how his free speech is being taken away as well because he got banned from Twitter for a week for "hateful content." He posted a video that was attempting to be comedy, but it was really just someone who "identified as a robot" harassing people at a gender fluidity conference at SXSW. It's a fascinating new wrinkle to the InfoWars programming schedule: really taking time to validate the stupid ego dramas of completely inconsequential side-character white male Conservative commentators who think they're doing comedy.

Beyond this, Alex spends some time talking to his LARPing caller who masquerades as a high-level intelligence operative, Zach (or as Alex has spelled it in the past, Zaq). It's your standard nonsense. Zach just agrees with everything Alex says, and tells him, "you're right and not only that, but it's even deeper than you think," whereupon he says something meaningless that sounds cryptic and vague enough to redefine later when whatever they say doesn't happen.

Overall, this show was mostly about Alex whining about how he imagines his free speech is under attack. It was boring and very skippable.