Alex Jones' Idea About The Globalists Is Based On Archaic Antisemitism

Alex Jones has a sworn enemy, and he makes it his mission to convince his audience that they are their sworn enemy as well. This enemy is ruthless, nearly omnipotent, and is engaging in levels of cultural and economic warfare that would make your head spin.

These enemies are The Globalists, as Alex calls them, and they wish for nothing more than your death, and the death of your family.

On the surface, a non-careful listener may hear Alex discuss the Globalists and just assume that he's talking about the harsh, impersonal power system that we have in place, and the corporate forces that take advantage of unchecked capitalism to dominate underprivileged classes domestically and exploit third world populations abroad. They may associate his rhetoric with those very real issues, and accept his premise without any further analysis.

A closer look at these "Globalists," however, reveals that what Alex Jones has based his worldview on is little more than repackaged antisemitic propaganda that dates back to at least the year 1100, and likely before.

Blood Drinking

One of the features of Alex Jones' conception of the Globalists is that they are vampires. He constantly walks the line between saying that they are literally vampires, then when he feels like he's opened himself up a little too much and what he's saying is too absurd, he doubles back into ideas about archetypes and "energy vampires." It's all a game he plays in order to make sure that his audience thinks that his enemies are literal vampires, but that he has cover in case someone accuses him of saying he's literally fighting Dracula.

Unfortunately, he has to fill three unscripted hours of radio a day, and often his true beliefs slip out, like they did on the November 20, 2017 episode of his show, where he said this:

We will get into why this is a very big problem in a moment, but first, I would like to add this clip from March 8, 2016 where Alex talks with guest Eddie Bravo, and explains to him why the Globalists like to drink blood.

Whenever Alex has a celebrity guest on, he desperately wants to impress them and make them think that he knows the real serious dirt, and on these occasions, he often reveals a little too much. In this case, he reveals that he believes that the reason Globalists drink blood is because they have tortured their victims to terrify them, which fills their blood with adrenaline, which the Globalists then drink and it gets them high.

I say that Alex Jones revealed too much here because this is a very easily debunked load of shit. As the story goes, the elites drink the blood to get high on what's called Adrenochrome, and this belief is very closely associated with belief that the world is run by Reptilian aliens.

Also, Adrenochrome was a very common motive suggested by the crazy people online who thought that "they" were killing kids at Comet Ping Pong Pizza during last year's tragic Pizzagate fiasco.

While adrenochrome is real (it's really just what you get when adrenaline gets oxidized, and can be created entirely synthetically), all the myths around it are total bullshit. You can buy adrenochrome cheaply (not gonna link to any of this, but you can find it if you search), reviews strongly indicate that adrenochrome does not really get you all that high, and in order to "harvest" the amount of adrenochrome that gave that reviewer a "very light and really uninteresting" buzz would require all the blood from about 50,000 or so children, which seems prohibitive. (Your blood contains approximately 500 ng/L of adrenaline in cases of severe panic, adults contain approximately 4 L of blood so children would have to be below that, if you do the math, that adds up to 2000 ng, or .002 mg, of adrenaline that can be taken from ALL the blood of a completely terrified adult. That reviewer took 100 mg of adrenochrome and deemed the buzz "very light" and "not a high.")

So, now, we can see pretty clearly that Alex's explanation for why the Globalists are drinking kids blood is complete bullshit, we can now take a closer look at what is actually behind his beliefs.

The Blood Libel

In March of 1144, the body of a child named William of Norwich was found in a forest in what is now eastern England. At first, no one thought too much of it; the times were real bad in the 1100's, in terms of people staying alive. There were wars raging, and medicine had not reached the point where minor diseases were not lethal.

Then, a couple years later, Thomas of Monmouth came to Norwich. He took it upon himself to give the city a patron saint, and he chose William. In doing so, he created a narrative that had no basis in reality. He argued that William's death was the result of some Jews kidnapping the boy, torturing him, and using his blood ritualistically (to make matzo). Thomas would complete his book arguing for his saintliness, The Life and Passion of William of Norwich in the early 1170's, and from there, the antisemitic rumor took on an incredible life of its own.

Throughout the late 1100's, similar accusations popped up all over England. Frequently, members of the Jewish community were tortured until they confessed to all manner of salacious activity. None of it was true, but all of it felt good to the Christian world that had a distrust of Jews already, largely based on their practice of usury.

In the immediate aftermath, Jews were attacked and massacred in London and York. 17 Jews were killed and thrown in a well in Norwich. In 1913, a Jewish foreman in Kiev was accused of similar crimes. In 2014, a spokesman for Hamas said the following:

We all remember how the Jews used to slaughter Christians, in order to mix their blood in their holy matzos. This is not a figment of imagination or something taken from a film. It is a fact, acknowledged by their own books and by historical evidence

There is a lot more that is worth digging into here if you're interested, but for our purposes, suffice it to say that The Blood Libel is one of the most lingering versions of antisemitic slanders that has been part of the rationalizations for the murder, torture and exile of countless Jews over the years.

Alex Jones, whether he is conscious of it or not, is beholden to the narrative of The Blood Libel, and it is not a coincidence that he uses it so frequently as a way to make his audience fear the phantom "Globalists" he is fighting against.

Poisoning The Well

Fun fact: The Jews were pretty frequently blamed for the spread of The Black Plague that killed about half of the population of Europe in the 14th century. As the story went, they intentionally spread the disease by poisoning communities' wells.

At the time, Jewish populations had lower numbers of people who caught the Plague. This was seen as evidence that they must be responsible for it. That argument makes sense, until you consider that in the 14th century in Europe, Jews were largely isolated populations (due to rampant antisemitism), and many Jewish laws required greater levels of hygiene than the rest of the population (hand washing, bathing before the Sabbath, etc) which would be helpful in prevention of spread.

Over the years, this accusation has popped up over and over again as a way to scapegoat Jews. In the 1950's, in the Soviet Union, there was the Doctor's Plot. Throughout the 1980's and 90's the narrative came up frequently among Arab nationalist groups and fundamentalist Muslims, in terms of Jews intentionally spreading AIDS and other infectious diseases.

The idea of poisoning the well is an essential piece of Alex Jones' conception of the "Globalists." In that first clip earlier in this post, Alex jumps from Blood Libel narratives to Well Poisoning narratives, as he discusses the "Globalists" trying to put HIV into the blood supply (the article he's referring to does not support his position, and all blood donation centers test incoming blood as a matter of policy).

Beyond that, Alex constantly harps on the idea that the "Globalists" are trying to dumb the population down and kill them through putting fluoride in the water (something that studies have not shown to be damaging in the amounts that it exists in the USA). Alex constantly misrepresents data and boilerplate medical warnings to argue that the "Globalists" are trying to "soft-kill" everyone through vaccines. His conception of what the "Globalists" are doing is littered with instances of Well Poisoning narratives, and this is not a coincidence.

The Protocols Of The Elders Of Zion

The Protocols are a antisemitic forgery that serves as the foundation of so many modern beliefs about there being a shadowy organization that secretly runs the world. Alex Jones, whether he knows it or not, has based a startling amount of his worldview on this book, most likely second hand through another book that was widely inspired by The Protocols, None Dare Call It Conspiracy.

The Protocols inspired a great deal of Nazi thinking in the lead up to the Holocaust and beyond. Henry Ford was a big proponent of the book, as was Hitler.

Also, the book is a concrete, provable example of forged and manufactured antisemitic propaganda.

We did an entire episode of the podcast about the correlation between the Protocols and Alex's rhetoric about the "Globalists," so if you would like to know more about that, it is all covered in the following:

There are plenty of other instances of Alex Jones suspiciously crafting narratives about the Globalists that strangely match historical antisemitism, but at this point, this article has probably extended long past most people's attention span.

Our contention, in closing, is that there are far too many similarities between classical antisemitism that was used to justify the murder and persecution of Jews for centuries and the rhetoric employed by Alex Jones and InfoWars. While that is not enough to prove that it is a Nazi operation, it should give any thinking person serious pause before accepting their worldview as depicting reality.