Alex Jones Steals His Ideas From People Who Can't Fight Back

Alex Jones is a staunch promoter and defender of the fair, free market. He believes in the little guy. One of his main problems with Globalists is that they're bringing in large international companies to smash competition and not allow smaller outlets to compete. 

Unfortunately, this is a hot load of bullshit.

Did you know that Alex Jones stole the idea for his groundbreaking Hillary For Prison tee-shirts? I probably wouldn't have known that, except for that he admitted he did on the Aug. 28, 2015 episode of his show:

I'm completely certain that Alex did not pay the guy who's bumper sticker he ripped off, because if he had, he would have spent a month talking about how that guy makes the best "Patriot Stickers," and probably would have started reselling them in the InfoWars Store. 

Oh, also, those protesters weren't chanting "Hillary for Prison," they were chanting "Hillary Divest From Prisons," in reference to how she had accepted money from the private prison industry in the past, and how people were upset about that because it's basically just slavery under a different name. Thankfully, it appeared that she got the message, and said she would put an end to "the era of mass incarceration." Probably lip service, but we'll never know for sure.

But, this is supposed to be about Alex and his iffy business practices.

Alex keeps his finances and business numbers very close to the vest, but he has said in the past that the Hillary For Prison shirt was one of his biggest sellers, and it was an idea that belonged to someone else.

This is pretty shady, as far as business practices go. Admitting on air that you stole a bumper sticker verbatim and made, conceivably, millions of dollars off it, as well as basing your messaging on the slogan for a full year and a half, without acknowledging the original creator...well, that is the definition of a big company crushing a smaller outlet that just can't compete and demonstrates that Alex does not live up to the principles he preaches.