As of September 2015, Alex Jones Did Not Have A Conceal Carry Permit

It is most definitely unwise to think of The Alex Jones Show as a political show. It may have the appearance of being political, but the show really is better understood as an extended infomercial hosted by a guy who is stealing the moves of all the shadiest prosperity gospel preachers.

His opinions change readily to accomodate whatever narrative looks like it will scare people enough to get them to buy more pills and water filters. But one thing stays steadfast: Alex Jones loves guns.

Almost all of his narratives, even ones involving bigotry, trace back somehow to fears that someone wants to take his gun. Case in point, Alex believes that the "Globalists" are flooding America with immigrants in an attempt to shift the demographics (because, of course, we all know that all immigrants vote Democrat) to the point where the Democrats will finally have the votes to come take Alex's gun. I am not kidding, this is a line of logic he has explored many times.

Leaving aside the fact that non-citizens can't vote in pretty much all of America (with the exception of some small towns in Maryland allowing non-citizen votes for local matters), there is another glaring problem with this: Alex Jones is not even licensed to carry a firearm.

This is definitely one of the weirder things I've heard Alex Jones admit to on air, and actually, it tells me a lot about him.

I've gone over all the possibilities, I've reviewed the situation with gun laws in Texas around this point (the end of 2015), and I can find no reason why Alex Jones, "A Gun's Best Friend," would not have a concealed carry permit.

He doesn't say he needs to "renew" his concealed carry permit; he says he's never gone down and gotten one.

And before you jump in and say that he had an open carry permit, let me cut you right off and explain that those did not exist in Texas until January 2016, when Texas House Bill 910 passed and effectively made the CHL (Concealed Handgun Licenses) also relate to open carry.

There is no other way to slice this: in Sept. 2015, Alex Jones does not have a permit to carry a gun anywhere other than in his private property, and man, if his excuse was "he had been too busy" to go get his permit, wait until he sees how busy he gets 3 months later when he starts making a sport of sucking off Donald Trump, politically.

I wanted to consider possible reasons why Alex would not have such an easy-to-get permit, considering how constantly he screams about loving guns, and I came up with a few theories:

  1. He doesn't really care about guns at all. He just knows that the audience he's targeting loves their damn guns, so he has accurately figured out that getting them riled up about that issue will lead them to give him more of their money.
  2. People with felony convictions cannot be issued CHLs in the state of Texas. I have no evidence that Alex Jones is a felon, but this could be a possibility.
  3. People with certain psychological diagnoses, histories of domestic violence, or people who are the subject of protective/restraining orders cannot be issued CHLs. If Alex has ever seen a therapist, he would leave with a laundry list of psychological diagnoses that would preclude him from owning a gun. Beyond that, I do not know that Alex has ever been a domestic abuser, but his divorce/custody battle has been particularly ugly. I would not be super surprised if his ex-wife Kelly had a protective order out against him, given his clear rage issues, his apparent substance/alcohol abuse, and his clear lack of respect for women disagreeing with him.
  4. You cant get a CHL if you don't pay your taxes.

All of these are possibilities, but really, the most likely answer is that in order to get one of these lisences, Alex would have to go take a 4-6 hour long class where someone (possibly a woman!) would tell him about how to use a gun safely, and he just couldn't sit through that without looking at that instructor and yelling, "fill your hand!"

Regardless of the reason why he didn't have a permit to carry a handgun, this is just yet another example of Alex Jones proving himself to be the hypocritical, double-talking propagandist we know him to be.