Alex Has Done The Alex Jones Show Drunk

I am fairly certain that we could have extensive documentation of this, had our real focusing in and documenting begun before January 2017, but as it stands, we can say with absolute certainty that Alex Jones does his job fairly drunk on a pretty regular basis.

There are many videos you can find from Alex's inauguration weekend, running the gamut from funny to outright misogynist.

It is well-documented that Alex was wasted when he appeared on the Joe Rogan Experience (with Joe and fellow guest Eddie Bravo later saying that Alex began drinking before the show began).

Yet, somehow the actual drinking part of these examples seemed somehow excusable (though the behavior most certainly was not). Maybe I've spent too long being a comic, but it felt like, "come on, he's on the road. Of course he's drunk the whole time." 

On a video posted to the InfoWars YouTube channel on March 30th, Alex provided us with evidence that the in-town/out-of-town distinction means little to him. This video, ostensibly a "special report" on how the Democrats wanted to kill Donald Trump, was little more than Alex rambling on air, clearly intoxicated, for over two hours.

You can check out our full episode break down for more about the video itself, but for now, here are the two essential pieces of evidence that Alex was drunk on air (other than everything about his actions, his tone, his rhetoric, his inability to stay on point, his sweating, his anger, his constantly changing emotions, his hubris, his painfully fake crying, etc.)

In this clip, about 2 seconds in, as the camera is on Roger Stone, you can hear what sounds like a cup with ice being drunk out of. Almost immediately after, Alex screams about how 20th Century Fox made up fake news about him, one of his go-to lies to prove that he's not the fake one, and that he's relevant enough to attack.

That sound caught my eye, because Alex's behavior in this video was so out of line and because keeping that noise in was incredibly unprofessional. Does InfoWars not have a cough button? I took a closer look at the video and noticed that Alex had a sneaky cup in his hand.

All this could be explained innocently, but then if you really look at the way he acts, his behavior is so bizarre that he better hope he's drunk, because the other explanation is a latent psychosis or a brain tumor. Consider these two clips, the first from 15 minutes into the broadcast, the second from about an hour and ten minutes later:

I feel, based on my extensive experience of being a drunk person and being around very drunk people, that this is the behavior of a drunk man.

Alcoholism is defined not by how much or how often someone drinks, but by the consequences of one's drinking. By those standards, considering the outright hate that he spouts, and the amount of pain he causes people (Sandy Hook parents, for example) while doing his job drunk, Alex Jones is a profound alcoholic.