March 30, 2018


  • Katie Hopkins: Hopkins is a former reality star from the UK. She is most notable for being a brutal Islamophobe, calling for a "final solution" after the Manchester bombing in 2017. She's promoted hoax narratives about "Muslim no-go zones," she constantly refers to immigrants as "cockroaches" and "rats," and went so far as to title an anti-immigration column in The Sun “Rescue boats? I’d use gunships to stop migrants.” In June 2017, she appeared on Fox and Friends and advocated for internment camps being set up for suspected Islamic terrorists. At a UKIP conference, Hopkins suggested that it would be okay if the House of Lords was "sealed up and gassed." She is a dangerous bigot at best, and a Nazi at worst.
  • Joel Gilbert hosted the 4th Hour, and we could not care less about what he covered.


Alex begins by really doubling down on the "Parkland kids are Nazis" narrative he's been spinning. Whereas before, Alex had just been saying that he knew this because David Hogg was wearing an arm-band at the rally last weekend. Now, Alex is saying that Hogg was doing "heel-clicks," which really seals the deal. It's a load of nonsense.

Alex announces that he has just bought a Hitler outfit that is on the way to the studio, and he plans to make a "satire" video where he, as Hitler, endorses Hillary. It is always fun when we get to see a desperate publicity stunt being planned on air.

Alex then elaborates on his past, particularly as it relates to abortions. In the past, he had admitted that he has paid for multiple abortions in the past. On today's episode, he clarifies that he has been involved in 10 abortions in his life. Far be it from me to judge, but it seems like a guy should probably learn their lesson and change their behaviors, say, somewhere around abortion #3.

After he makes this admission, Alex fakes a phone call coming in that he needs to take, and has the staff air about 10 minutes of anti-abortion videos.

This is sort of a theme of this episode: Alex is not really into doing the job. He plays a ton of videos, he is killing time with standards "blah, blah, blah, Soros is a Nazi, blah, blah, blah" rants, and at one point he even has guest Katie Hopkins host the show for a segment, filled almost entirely with white genocide lies, while he does something else off air. 

One of the things I find most interesting about Alex's interview with Katie Hopkins is not the content. It is par for the course to have Alex and his guests full-throatedly advocate for white nationalism. What is interesting to me is that Alex has recently been getting kind of horny on air when he's talking to women, and I'm not sure what this means:

It's not that this constitutes sexual harassment or anything, and Katie seems fine with Alex's comments, but this is absolutely unprofessional. It's even more bizarre considering that he is currently being sued by a former employee for sexual harassment. One would think he would not want to give off the perception that he is a little loose with sexualizing women in inappropriate contexts.

Beyond that, this show is all just Alex vamping and killing time rambling about how he is under attack because he's right all the time and the Globalists fear that. Throw in a few rants about how the liberals want to rape and kill your family, and you've got a pretty good sense of how terrible and uninspired this episode was:

I mean, Alex even said so much himself: