March 29, 2018


  • Ted Nugent: Nugent is a complete lunatic who has made a couple of very catchy rock songs, and that apparently means he gets to be famous for life. In his post-relevance career, he has become a huge voice in the gun loving community. He loves guns so much that he frequently goes on stage with multiple large guns in hand and tells people like Obama (not in attendance) to suck on them. When he was 30, he became a 17 year old girl's legal guardian so he could have sex with her without her parents protesting. Courtney Love has alleged that she performed oral sex on him when he was 29 and she was 12. He has a troubling pattern of referring to his political enemies as "cockroaches," which in the past has been a very offensive way people have characterized immigrants, minorities and dissenters. Overall, Ted Nugent sucks.
  • Tommy Robinson: Noted anti-Muslim agitator, and career criminal (convicted for having a fake passport in 2012sentenced to 18 months in prison for mortgage fraud in 2014, to name a few crimes). Tommy Robinson, whose real name appears to be Stephen Lennon, is a terrible Islamophobe, but also apparently doesn't mind them so much that he won't try to flirt with a 15 year old Muslim on Twitter. Tommy Robinson seriously sucks.
  • Marc Morano: Marc is a climate change denier, and runs a site called Climate Depot. Climate Depot is a project funded and created by the think tank Committee For A Constructive Tomorrow, which believe it or not, received at least $500,000 in funding from ExxonMobil. This is always the case for climate change deniers, you can always trace their funding back to oil companies or Koch-related foundations (which is also true in this case). Marc was also involved in the deceitful propaganda campaign against John Kerry known as the Swiftboating, where conservative liars spread lies about Kerry's military service in hopes of swaying the 2004 election. He has a career long track record of being a liar for hire, and thus, fits right in with Alex Jones.


This show is all over the place, hitting on a lot of Alex's favorite talking points: Islam is evil at its core, guns are the greatest thing in the world, and liberals are "the enemy." Overall, it's a pretty boring show.

I will break down the things that merit mentioning in bullet form:

  • Alex airs a video of his 15 year old son Rex challenging David Hogg to a debate. It is one of the most disgraceful, embarrassing, and horrifying things I've ever seen in my life. The way Rex was talking bordered on an Alex Jones impression, and he was using many of Alex's catchphrases. It was very clear that either Alex coached him, or worse, he doesn't realize that he is emulating a horrible role-model. We still believe criticism of Rex himself is off-limits, as he is a child and he is being exploited, but I bring this up because of how poorly it reflects on Alex.
  • Alex spends a large chunk of this show screaming about how Muslims want to have sex with children, not realizing that two of his guests on this very day's show, Tommy Robinson and Ted Nugent, have sexually harassed underage girls on Twitter or adopted a 17 year old when he was 30 so he could have sex with her without her parents protesting (and may have done way worse stuff too). Alex is a complete idiot.
  • Alex calls for the indictment of Robert Mueller, screaming vague accusations about him being "on tarmacs." This is a reference to how Mueller delivered a sample of uranium that was confiscated from criminals to Russian authorities as part of a joint investigation. It was entirely above board, but Alex uses it because he is really scared about the stories that are coming out that notorious fraud-committer Ted Malloch may be in Mueller's cross hairs. And Alex should be concerned. Malloch was very involved in the Brexit campaign, and he was a behind-the-scenes adviser for the Trump campaign, the common thread between those things being Cambridge Analytica. If Mueller is speaking to Malloch, that is a pretty obvious sign that they have some information that his role in those two campaigns may have been connected. 

Beyond those main points that are pretty interesting, there are a few stray things Alex says here and there that seem very weird, but also seem kind of like him speaking extemporaneously. For instance, he says that he likes Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman. That seems strange, but since he doesn't really get into it, I'll wait until he elaborates to judge what he's talking about.

Also, Alex goes on a collaborative rant with Tommy Robinson about how the Russians did not try to kill Sergei Skripal and his daughter. The rest of the world is pretty much in consensus that they did, but I guess Alex has better information. He's usually right about everything.

The two of them scream about how "they" aren't even telling people if the ex-spy and his daughter are alive, which is weird because that is a very easy piece of information to find

My favorite part of the rant is when Alex posits that if Russia was behind the attempted murder, they wouldn't have used a nerve agent, because smart assassins use "a bag." Alright, Alex.

Doug Hagman hosted the 4th Hour of the show, and I only watched a little bit of it because he's very boring, but thankfully I didn't turn it right off. In the beginning of their interview, Alex reveals that he definitely believes that the "Globalists" drink children's blood and that they need to scare them to produce adrenochrome. 

This man loves to pretend he's just talking metaphorically when he calls people vampires, because he knows that when he makes the accusations literal, as he does here, it's really easy to see how most of his beliefs about the "Globalists" are just slight variations on generations old Blood Libel and other antisemitic propaganda.