March 31, 2018

Alex usually does not put stuff out on Saturdays, but today, Alex put out two special reports:

1) David Hogg May Have Made A Joke On Reddit Last Year

Alex recorded a 10 minute special report about how Paul Joseph Watson had found a "confirmed" Reddit account belonging to David Hogg, and that this account posted a joke about mosquitoes killing people in 2017. This, of course, proves that he is faking his outrage at his fellow students being murdered at school while he hid in a darkened classroom, not knowing if he would be killed as well.

The post in question is in response to a question about what good do mosquitoes do, to which this account replied "They kill humans, billions of them, which is great for the environment."

On the scale of Gotcha Moments, this ranks as a zero. If this is even Hogg's account, this is a 16 year old making a joke on Reddit. Have you ever been to Reddit? This is an incredibly tame piece of business for that site.

The rest of the video is Alex lying about George Soros being a Nazi (he wasn't), about John Holdren's book Ecoscience advocating for culling the population (it doesn't), and speculating that the Rockefellers were going to spread HIV through mosquitoes (that is impossible).

It was an embarrassing effort, and would have made the high water mark of Alex being an idiot for the day, but then he did this...

2) Alex's 15 Year Old Son Does An Old School Wrestling Promo

It is our editorial position that Alex's son Rex is off-limits. He is a child, and there is literally no way that he understands what underlies his father's horrible beliefs. He was brought up with a paternal figure who screams Civil War revisionist history on the air, who repeats narratives from literal Nazi propaganda films in his documentaries, and who has very clear undiagnosed mental illnesses plaguing him.

What we are getting at is that we do not blame Rex for this. But we cannot ignore it either.

Rex put out a video earlier in the week wherein he challenged David Hogg to a debate. In response to this, Alex's ex-wife Kelly contacted YouTube and insisted they remove the video, as she claimed it was a breach of an injunction in their custody agreement. It is impossible for us to know the specific details of their legal agreement, but it appears that YouTube did take down the first video.

In response to this, Alex doubled down, and Rex made another video later in the week. And then, on Saturday, they did this live video where he tries even harder to lure Hogg into a debate, and it is just tragic to watch.

Rex is doing an Alex impression through most of it. He's repeating propaganda narratives that he clearly picked up from his father. It is completely heartbreaking stuff to see.

But then, in a moment where Alex was hoping to prove that his 15 year-old son was speaking freely and there wasn't a teleprompter, the camera panned over and caught a glimpse of off-camera Alex:

Is that just a cup of water? Seems unlikely, considering Alex's penchant for drinking at the office, and his on-air behavior during these special reports. Here is a clip of him rambling and making no sense, and keep in mind, while he's saying this blather, his son is sitting right next to him:

All this is just terrible stuff. It's not even offensive in the normal way Alex is offensive; it's repellent on a visceral, human level. That said, we're still not calling for Alex to be kicked off anything, but we are sincerely begging for him to feel a modicum of shame about his behavior.