August 16, 2015


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This Sunday episode is a very important moment in Alex Jones' journey toward joining the Trump bandwagon as their most desperate, self-contradictory propagandist.

Up until this point, Alex has been saying that he has high level sources that have told him that Trump is a "front man for consortiums on the East Coast," and that Trump is deeply connected to the mob. Alex has said that it is a very real possibility that Trump is being blackmailed into running for president to destroy the Republican party, and that he is probably a "Globalist"/Hillary shill. He does like that Trump is anti-vaccination and that he wants to shut down immigration, but Alex has been steadfast that his allegiance lies with Rand Paul. 

And then, on this show, he starts the show by saying that "he may have been wrong" about Trump. Almost certainly, what this means is that Alex has started communicating with Roger Stone behind the scenes, and Roger has started spinning his web.

Whether you believe that Roger quit the campaign or he was fired, he had left his role as Trump's top campaign adviser a week prior. Stone would later say:

I continue to maintain that I resigned. I reached the conclusion that Donald Trump would be his own strategist...I also came to the conclusion that I could be more effective on his behalf outside the campaign.

It is our feeling that the way he decided he could be more effective on Trump's behalf outside the campaign is to enlist the support of a man he met two years prior at a JFK convention, Alex Jones.

Alex's tone changes very drastically, and the timing of it all seems very questionable. Where he previously called Trump's behavior "narcissistic," he now describes the same behavior as "masculine," one of the highest compliments Alex can give someone.

He is not fully on board with Trump yet, but it is very clear from this episode that this was when his defenses began to drop. The most fascinating thing, however, is that his audience is still operating on his original talking points, so almost all of the callers parrot back his old lines like "Trump is a Clinton shill," and Alex has a difficult time debating his recent rhetoric with his new perspective.

Also, on this episode, we learn that Super Male Vitality is absolutely about getting erections. Alex claims it's stronger than Viagra.