August 17, 2015


  • Larry Nichols: Alleged "Clinton insider" and real life con artist. Larry has an elaborate back-story about being a commercial jingle writer who was enlisted to run things in Nicaragua during Iran-Contra and then was responsible for Bill Clinton being elected as the governor of Arkansas. His timeline makes no sense whatsoever, and he's probably making most of it up. Alex Jones calls up Larry Nichols whenever he needs someone to get creative about bashing the Clintons, and Larry calls up Alex whenever he needs to ask Alex's audience to send money to him by literally giving out his real phone number and address on air. We've called him a couple times.
  • Gerald Celente: "Trends forecaster." Celente is, much like all of Alex's "financial guests" like Harry Dent or Peter Schiff, only on the show to spread pessimism and dread about the state of the economy. Though the numbers look good, don't trust them! He has a rich history of predicting market collapses on Alex's show, and then they never happen.


Alex begins the episode by clarifying his remarks from Sunday. He could probably tell that his audience was going to take a little longer to get used to the idea of supporting Trump, based on the overwhelmingly negative calls he received on the topic, so he says he is not endorsing him, but he won't be a cynic either. He is sure that "something big" is happening, which is basically elementary psychological conditioning being employed on the audience to prime them for this big thing that Alex can reveal when he feels the time is right.

Predictably, he gets into some anti-Hillary talk, but the particular flavor of it is pretty weird. Alex seems to feel profoundly threatened by Hillary's ability to work in male-dominated fields and wear clothes that are traditionally masculine. This clip begins with him discussing that in a very stupid way, then he expresses that Putin rules Russia "with straighshooting and high approval ratings."

Alex is mad that people are criticizing a sorority for putting out an ad that is very conspicuous in its lacking of any non-white people. His response is that there are black fraternities and sororities and no one complains, but does not address the reality that those black fraternities and sororities were created because the white ones had "no black member" rules. Nor does he realize that "historically African-American Greek organizations" generally do not have discriminatory policies about membership, and often have white members. Greek organizations that are all white are generally the product of systemic exclusion, whereas historically black Greek organizations are a way a disenfranchised community dealt with that exclusion.

Regardless of how stupid his point his, his plan to go try to antagonize people at "black bars" is even stupider. He goes from there and gets stupider still by bringing in his feelings about feminists and "Mexican barbecues" into the equation. This is two minutes of complete idiocy.

Not to be outdone, Larry Nichols shows up to talk to Alex about various anti-Clinton narratives. He tells Alex that he has definitive proof that the Clintons killed Vince Foster, and when Alex tries to subtly imply that Larry won't say where he got the proof to protect his source, Larry blurts out that it just showed up in his mailbox. This is very suspicious, considering that he goes on national radio shows and gives out his home address to thousands and thousands of people on a regular basis.

The insanity gets deeper, however, when Larry reveals that he believes that President Obama is setting up the Clintons to fall because he wants to stay president, and the Clintons are the only people strong enough to stop them.

Larry thinks that due to some bullshit he's cooked up about the "FEMA provisional government," before the 2016 election can happen, Obama will declare a state of emergency and cancel the election, thus installing the provisional government, but this state will never end, and thus Obama will be president for life.

It gets crazier. Larry believes that if you are president when things all fall apart, you automatically become King, and if you are in Congress, you become a Duke (or Duchess). When we talked to him on the phone, we asked him to elaborate on this, but he refused to do so.

Larry further asserts that when Obama becomes the Last President, and therefore King, he will reveal that he was a secret Muslim all along and merge with Islam to turn the US into a caliphate. In order to achieve his plans, Larry believes that Obama has enlisted Trump to take out the last people that stand in his way, the Clintons.

These are the utter ravings of a madman.

Gerald Celente's appearance is way less interesting. He is just there to do his usual thing and predict economic collapse, specifically "by the end of the year." To prepare for this, of course you should buy gold, and...damnedest thing, this show is being broadcast by Genesis Communications Network, which is the media arm of a company that sells gold, Midas Resources. Probably a coincidence.