August 18, 2015


  • David Duke


In Alex Jones' career, there are so many embarrassing moments. So many days where he showed up at his studio expecting things to go one way, only for them to go completely wrong.

No embarrassing moment could ever top the outright tragedy of his "debate" with former Klan member and avowed white supremacist David Duke. The whole thing is just a disaster of Alex trying to pretend that he doesn't agree with Duke, and you can watch the whole thing below.

Throughout the entire "debate," David Duke has to keep reminding Alex that Alex agreed to let him talk, clearly indicating that Duke agreed to appear on his terms and Alex agreed to them. David Duke is clearly in the power position: he can walk at any time, but Alex needs him.

Alex had received calls in recent days from David Duke fans arguing that they would agree, and Alex desperately needs Duke to be there so he can try to demonstrate that he doesn't believe the same things as this out-and-out antisemite and bigot.

This "debate" is a damning document of the time when Alex Jones accidentally invited the living embodiment of his rhetoric onto his show and tried to argue with it, only to end up with a headache when it became clear that he was looking into a mirror. Their only real disagreements were minor semantic matters, which is just outrageous.

We did an episode of the podcast breaking all this down, so please feel free to listen to it below. I would prefer not to write any more about David Duke than I have to.