Jan 19, 2017

The world on Jan 19, 2017:

  • This was the last day before Donald Trump would officially be inaugurated as president. Many attempts had been made to avoid that turn of events, from lobbying the Electoral College, to Jill Stein's attempts at recounts, but the inevitable came to pass.
  • In one of his last days in office, President Obama commutes the sentence of Chelsea Manning.
  • Trump's pick for Secretary of The Interior, Ryan Zinke said in his confirmation hearing that he would consider reviewing the ban on arctic drilling.
  • Trump's pick for Secretary of Education, Betsy DeVos was caught in a couple tough situations in her confirmation hearing. The first was when she claimed that she was listed as the Vice President of her mother's foundation on tax forms for multiple years due to a "clerical error." The other was the revelation that she and her husband have investments in student debt collection agencies.
  • Almost 60 members of Congress announce their intention to not go to Trump's inauguration.
  • People are out protesting pipelines in Texas, Tennessee, Florida, and North Dakota.

What was happening with Alex Jones:

  • Alex was broadcasting from Washington D.C. in anticipation of the inauguration of Donald Trump. This was to be a culmination of everything he had worked so hard for, but Alex's thoughts were clearly elsewhere. Instead of enjoying this victory, Alex spent almost his entire show implying that Democrats were planning not to show up because they had foreknowledge of a terrorist plot against the ceremony. 
  • Alex claimed on this episode that the way that the Democrats (or Globalists) would take out Donald Trump was C.O.G. (Continuity of Government). Continuity of Government is a term that describes having a plan for the government to continue in crisis situations. Most world governments have established orders of succession in place, and our Continuity of Government plans date back to the earliest days of our country, when we were worried about the British capturing our heads of state or even the entirety of the Continental Capital city of Philadelphia. What C.O.G. is not is a plan to assassinate a leader, it is a formulated plan to make sure that our actual government survives attacks. It sounds kind of smart to dumb people though, so Alex ran with it.


  • Alex, sensing that it is too late for anyone to do anything about it, reveals that Donald Trump has been an Anti-Globalist sleeper cell since the 60's. It's an absurd idea, and looks very embarrassing in hindsight. This revelation continues into Alex being really weirdly defensive about people thinking he hates gay people. He also is sick of black people thinking he hates black people, and he admits that his ancestors owned slaves. It's a confusing road.
  • Alex does his world-famous impression of Cookie Monster.
  • Alex continued his persecution complex, going so far as to suggest that "people from the Establishment" have been hissing at him while he's been in DC. I cannot prove that this hissing incident did not happen, but I am certain it did not happen at all how Alex describes
  • As a show of impartiality, Alex (along with Rob Dew) gives a very subtle plug for Trump's new hotel on his broadcast. It was, undoubtedly, an unpaid advertisement.