August 14, 2015


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This episode is pretty all over the place. Alex seems to be in a bit of a manic phase, so he jumps around from topic to topic without a real central thesis, other than Alex's perceived importance in the world.

He goes on a very troubling unhinged rant about how he will never sell out, which is incredibly hilarious considering he is mere months away from turning himself into a full-on propagandist for Donald Trump, and that at the end of this episode, he calls Trump a "casino-owning shark" and a "slumlord."

Alex goes on to read a review of his product Brainforce that accidentally suggests that it may be very bad for you to take. The reviewer says that they didn't really notice much of an effect until they stopped taking Brainforce, at which point they felt a lot worse and assumed they must have been feeling great before because of the Brainforce. This is strongly indicative that the supplement may cause a dependence, or that it is at least dangerous enough to cause a withdrawl.

Alex voices support for the "constitutionalists" and "sovereign citizens," claiming that they aren't doing anything wrong or violent, then has to double back and admit that they kill multiple cops every year.

This show is really inconsequential until the show reaches the Overdrive section, at which point an out-and-out white supremacist calls in. The caller claims that "diversity" just means "white genocide," which is absolutely in line with Alex's world view, but he doesn't want to hear it mirrored back to him from a literal white supremacist.

The caller is a fan of David Duke, and insists that Alex needs to have Duke on for an interview, most likely because on some level, he suspects that Alex would realize that he agrees with Duke on pretty much everything. After about 10 minutes of Alex trying to deflect the caller's insistence that he should talk to Duke, Alex kind of freaks out about how everyone thinks he's Jewish.

Alex does not know how to handle this situation because he cannot agree with the caller, but he knows that he will lose a large portion of his base if he attacks white supremacy or antisemitism directly, so he waffles in the middle. "I'm not antisemitic, but there are so many bad Jews in the New World Order," is the sort of line he tries to take.

It's a very sad display, especially knowing that, within a week, Alex would have David Duke on the show for a very unsettling interview.