August 13, 2015


  • Rev. Clenard Childress: Childress is a Baptist preacher who also runs a website called His main area of focus is that abortion is intentionally used as a means of black genocide, which is a bold claim that never really gets defended. Abortion rates in every demographic group has been decreasing for decades, but the trends do show that the deciding factors that make abortion rates higher in some communities are systemic: financial inequality, unequal access to regular health care, the rise of abstinence only education, etc. Alex mostly has Childress on to provide cover for him to say things like "I've seen more racist black people than white people."
  • Wayne Madsen: Madsen is an investigative reporter who seems to have a particular interest in hating the Clintons and saying that Mossad is behind pretty much every tragedy in the world, from 9/11, to the murders carried out by Norwegian terrorist Anders Breivik. Since 2015, Wayne and Alex have had a falling out, with Wayne tweeting out that Alex is a "bloated lying shitbag." He has also recently taken to tweeting very anti-Trump stuff, and retweeting Alex Jones' ex-wife's tweets about how Alex is a racist.
  • Harry Dent: Very dicey economic expert. Harry Dent frequently appears on Alex's show, suspiciously almost always to make claims about how financial collapse is right around the corner. On today's show, he says, "we are probably a week away from a complete collapse." Spoiler alert: this prediction did not come to pass. Dent is using very irresponsible rhetoric on a show that is broadcast by a gold sales company, with a host who is constantly telling his audience that they need to buy gold to be safe when the economy collapses (as Alex does many times on this episode).


A whole lot of this episode is functionally a long infomercial for people to buy gold. It comes up repeatedly, and Harry Dent's appearance exists almost exclusively to facilitate Alex's sales pitch. This is the content of the show being led by the advertising, specifically for Genesis Communications Network's parent company Midas Resources, a gold and precious metals company. It is disgraceful, and should tell you everything you need to know about Alex's integrity.

Past this, Alex spends a lot of time trying to tie the idea of abortion to black genocide, and gets very weird about the fact that he has admitted on air that he's paid for multiple abortions in the past.

As for the 2016 election, here is Alex's position as of August 13th:

  • Alex has an African-American guest, so he says "Ben Carson would be a real black president"
  • Alex says that maybe Trump could save the world, but he's been in with the "Globalists" for his whole life, and says that he "smells a big rat."
  • Alex still supports Rand Paul for President, but would be fine if Carson won.

Beyond all that, Alex asserts that "Russia hasn't done anything to anyone" as it relates to Ukraine (Alex says it's all George Soros' fault), and Alex claims that NAMBLA is a federally recognized non-profit (it is not, in fact there are strong indications that NAMBLA doesn't even really exist anymore as a centralized organization).