August 12, 2015


  • Walter Jones: US Representative from North Carolina's 3rd congressional district. Jones, no relation to Alex, is a republican, but also is a Ron Paul type of cat. He is on the show today to talk about how he is trying to lead a movement to remove John Boehner as Speaker of the House, and thus pave the way for a patriot, libertarian speaker. Spoiler alert: Boehner was already given some indications that he was going to step down, and he was replaced by Paul Ryan, someone who could not be further from the idea of a "patriot, libertarian speaker."


Alex is pretty worked up on this episode. He is absolutely predicting that the Chinese economy is about to collapse, and the world's markets will go with it, likely by winter. This prediction would not come to pass.

Alex's need to stoke people's fear is very extreme today, and on multiple occasions, he predicts that the "Globalists" are probably going to nuke someone soon, because they feel their grip on power slipping. He speculates that they are going to nuke a US city to distract from himself or Drudge getting assassinated. Just a few more predictions that did not come to pass.

Beyond that, Alex spends a fair amount of time spouting pro-Assad positions, and building up his narrative that Assad had made a deal with Russia and our military (behind Obama's back) to take out ISIS, at which point Assad would step down and head to retirement in the UK. None of this is based in reality, and really is just another example of Alex Jones mirroring the Russian version of geopolitical positions.