June 19, 2015

The world on June 19th, 2015:

  • The world is still reacting to the tragic shooting of nine people at Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church in Charleston. Dylann Roof has been apprehended at this point, and his explanations for his actions (starting a race war) have prompted a much needed conversation about true racism in this country.
  • The UN reports that the number of people who are displaced due to conflict or persecution has reached 60 million, representing a 16% increase over the past two years.
  • Aid and medical workers in Syria testify that Bashar Al-Assad has been using chlorine gas on his own civilians. Dr. Sparrow testified that we needed to impose a no-fly zone.
  • The House of Representatives get fast-track approval for the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP).

What Alex Jones covered on June 19th:

  • Main Narrative: The Charleston Shooting was either pre-planned/staged by the Globalists to distract from the TPP, or is a real event that is being used by the Globalists to take people's guns away and/or trigger a race war. Basically, no matter what you believe about the shooting, Alex believes that if you think it had anything to do with race, you are foolish.
  • Alex claims that the National Rifle Association was created specifically to help arm black people to fight back against the KKK. This is categorically not true, and is just based on a debunked comment made by Harry Alford in 2013. The NRA's website cites their creation as being motivated by some generals in New York being disappointed that their troops were bad marksmen and were wasting so many bullets.
  • Alex conducts an interview with former Minnesota governor Jesse Ventura. At the time, Ventura had just won a defamation case against Chris Kyle, author of American Sniper. In his book and subsequent TV/radio appearances, Kyle had told a story about how one night at a bar, Ventura spouted off a lot of anti-America/anti-Marine speech, so Kyle kicked his ass. Ventura was appearing on Alex Jones' show because Kyle appealed the verdict and Jesse needed to raise some funds. Ventura's claim on the show was that all the major players in the media were behind the appeal, and that they were afraid that if Ventura's judgement stood, they would no longer be able to print lies about people. If they could overturn the case, they would be free to enrich themselves unjustly by slandering whoever they wanted. There are a ton of problems with this:
  1. The media companies were not behind the appeal. It was Kyle's widow (since Chris himself had been murdered by that point). Further, media companies absolutely have the right to report on claims that are made that turn out to be untrue, and are not subject to lawsuits for doing so. Integrity demands that they make a correction if they learn later that they reported a lie, but Ventura's argument is flimsy as hell.
  2. The case that Ventura initially won was very dubious. The jury could not come to a consensus, and after five days of deliberation only reached an 8-2 verdict. Both Kyle and Ventura provided witnesses that gave contradictory accounts of the night in question, and a judge in his appeal case called it "a credibility contest."
  3. Ventura would go on to lose this appeal and have the $1.8 million judgment awarded to him reversed. The reason was not because the media wants to be able to slander people, it was because Ventura's lawyer attempted to manipulatively sway the jury. Throughout the trial and in closing arguments, Ventura's lawyer kept talking about how HarperCollins (Kyle's publisher) had insurance that would cover the settlement if he won. The court allowed this argument, but on appeal, it was determined that they had failed to prove that such an insurance policy existed, and mentioning it unfairly biased the jury to find in his favor since it is shifting the consequences to a faceless entity as opposed to a widow.
  4. You can't sue people for unjust enrichment in Minnesota unless you are in a contract with them.
  • Still no mention of the fact that Donald Trump is running for president.