June 21, 2015

The world on June 21, 2015:

  • Donald Trump has been running for president for 5 days.
  • The Congressional Budget Office announces that repealing the Affordable Care Act could increase the national debt by $137 billion
  • 84 people die in Mumbai, India as a result of drinking toxic homemade liquor

What Alex covered on June 21:

  • Alex has gone from being hesitant to call the Charleston shooting a false flag to being pretty comfortable with the position. He still hedges his claims by saying that "black preachers say this things stinks to high heaven," but it is clear from his language that this is his position as well.
  • Alex has had about enough of talking about Charleston and how the explicitly racially motivated shooting wasn't about race, so he uses his Sunday show to transition to a new narrative. He keeps the "2015 Will Be The Summer Of Rage" element from the previous narrative, but his new story line is primarily about how he has heard from "billionaires" that the Elite Globalists are starting to evacuate to "armored redoubts." He is never specific about anything, and this is a claim he's been making every day since, that the elites are *just about* to leave.
  • His secondary narrative takes up most of the show. He has read a study about how the Earth is currently in the sixth extinction period of our history, which is not at all inaccurate. As the argument goes, us humans are in no way immune from the forces that cause extinction, so we should be careful. Granted, the article is titled very "click-baity," suggesting that humans are up next, but that's what allows Alex to use it to build his narrative that the Globalists are behind the extinctions, and they're telegraphing that they're going to kill off humanity.
  • Jakari Jackon does a live report from Charleston about how the community has really come together and it's an inspiring thing to see. He talks about how beautiful the church service he attended was the night before, and seems to be excited about a march that was going to take place that evening. He brings up how weird it is that there are monuments to white supremacists on the same block as Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church. It's a great report. The entire time, Alex keeps trying to shift the conversation back to negative things like a possible race war, and imaginary forces wanting to ban the Confederate flag.
  • Alex explains that the key to understanding everything (I kid you not) is a Chik-fil-A billboard he saw recently. He explains that its "psychological warfare" because the cows are drawn realistically, whereas the chicken is drawn as a blob which humanizes the cows but not the chickens. I believe he was trying to make an abortion metaphor, based on the fact that the chicken just looks like a pile of goo. What Alex fails to take into account is that the premise of the billboards is that they are drawn by cows, who don't have fingers. They lack the motor skills to draw accurate chickens with their hooves. There are a hundred other complaints I could lob against his interpretation of this very clever ad campaign, but this isn't the place for it. Just listen to his blow-hard analysis.
  • Continuing an anti-abortion theme, Alex explains that Michelle Obama is more racist than David Duke.
  • Alex has yet to mention that Donald Trump is running for president.