June 22, 2015

The world on June 22, 2015:

  • Donald Trump has been running for president for 6 days.
  • 20,000 people convene to mourn and honor those who lost their lives in the shooting in Charleston. It is a tremendous sign of unity and hope.
  • Then-FBI Director James Comey declines to call the shooting an act of terrorism, saying that terrorist acts are generally more politically motivated acts. This is a very fine line.
  • Dylann Roof's manifesto reveals that the website for the Council of Concerned Citizens opened his eyes to the "brutal black on white crime" epidemic. This is clear evidence of the argument that far right wing propaganda is responsible for radicalization. The president of the CCC, Earl Holt is revealed to have donated substantial amounts of money to many Republican presidential hopefuls, including Ted Cruz and Rand Paul.
  • Julian Assange celebrates his third anniversary in the Ecuadorian Embassy.

What Alex covered on June 22:

  • Alex gets cooking on this episode by laying out his eldritch vision of the what is to come. This clip is a pretty concise explanation of his view of what the Globalists are going to do, but doesn't include reference to a lot of their "side projects" (turning frogs gay, for instance). It goes without saying that this is an absurd paranoid fantasy, and he appears to just be kind of riffing it out. Unfortunately, he is not.
  • Alex insults the religious beliefs of the Egyptians, due to their belief that mummifying a pet would allow them to enter the afterlife with you. He laments a society built around this "whacked out bull." Alex doesn't pause to reflect that he too believes in an afterlife and that if he behaves correctly according to an ancient book, he will be rewarded there, and that a great deal of our American society has been built around that equally weird belief system.
  • Alex conducts an interview with former Ron Paul financial adviser Peter Schiff. The two men really just go to town on how the "bubble" is too big, it will probably pop any day and bring with it total financial collapse. Alex is clearly laying the groundwork for something, in terms of narrative, but it's unclear at this point what that thing is.
  • Paul Joseph Watson comes on the show to screen an incredibly offensive, entirely pointless "special report" about people with trans identities. It appears that he conceived of the sketch in response to Rachel Dolezol (a story that broke on June 12, a full 10 days prior), but it misses the mark entirely and ends up being an exercise in cruel mockery of anyone who doesn't fit the mold that white, Christian, patriarchal society deems normal. It is such an embarrassment that Alex cuts it off in the middle, claiming it was "too racy" (also because he didn't bleep the n-word)


  • Paul Joseph Watson, perhaps to make up for the swing-and-a-miss of his trans sketch, claims that there is no rape culture in the West, and that no one seems to care that there are problems with rape in a bunch of other cultures. He goes on to explain that there is no gendered wage gap and that Hillary Clinton is running for president on feminist lies.
  • Alex believes that the Globalists are trying to distract people from TPP by getting them riled up about the Confederate flag, so to offset that, he embarks on a very interesting retelling of the Civil War, which includes a very bizarre and unsettling brag that "rednecks who know stuff bow down to me." This narrative that the Civil War wasn't really about slavery, and that it was about tariffs, has been thoroughly debunked, and contradicts South's own secession convention documents (Fun Fact: Mississippi's Resolution of Secession mentions "slave" or "slavery" ten times, but never once mentions "tax" or "tariff"; South Carolina's mentions slaves 18 time and "tax" once, but in a sentence about taxing slaves). There are plenty of other deeply flawed, subtly racist inaccurate claims Alex makes in this clip, but probably too many to list here. At this point, making these sorts of arguments is a definite indication of either: a) being completely misinformed, or b) holding slavery-apologist beliefs (or both)


  • Alex Jones has still not mentioned that Donald Trump is running for president.