June 18, 2015

The world on June 18th, 2015:

  • On the evening of June 17th, Dylann Roof entered Charleston's Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church and murdered nine people in cold blood. He would be apprehended on the morning of the 18th, and it subsequently came out that his motivation was entirely based on a racist ideology. He explained that he had hoped to start a race war, and that one of his primary motivations was his sense that black people were taking over "our country." He would go on to be sentenced to death for his horrendous crimes.
  • Donald Trump, a day after announcing his candidacy for president, utters his now famous words: 
When Mexico sends its people, they’re not sending their best. They’re not sending you. They’re not sending you. They’re sending people that have lots of problems, and they’re bringing those problems with us. They’re bringing drugs. They’re bringing crime. They’re rapists. And some, I assume, are good people.

What Alex Jones covered on June 18th:

  • It is Alex Jones standard operating procedure to immediately call any major event (especially traumatic ones) a false flag. He is generally quick to point the finger at the Globalists, but in this case, I think even Alex could tell that this was going to be a pretty tough sell for him to make on his own. Thus, he started out the show with a fairly ambivalent tone about whether or not it was a staged mass murder:
  • Alex plays the "maybe it was fake, maybe it wasn't" game for most of the episode until, toward the end of the show, he conducts and interview with Rev. Childress. Childress goes on to make all the points Alex felt he could not earlier in the show, and by doing so, he essentially gives Alex permission to expand the narrative, call the event fake (or at least planned), and make it all about how the Gobalists want to take away guns.


  • Over the course of the show, Alex seeks to find ways to deflect from the reality that a horrible racist mass murder had happened, and he didn't really have a great spin for it. In order to attempt to move his listeners attention elsewhere, he frequently tries to downplay the Charleston murders because they pale in comparison to the number of abortions that are performed. Multiple times, he says that, if Roof were serious about killing black people, he should have gone to work at Planned Parenthood. It's hard to tell if he thinks he's being funny or poignant, but easy to tell he's succeeding in being neither.
  • He goes on to develop this theme further and suggests that secretly, when they're not being recorded, that liberals support abortion because it kills black people that they don't want to support. The way he delivers this piece of information reinforces my belief that the person he's talking about does not exist, and that these genocidal liberals he's seen off-camera are a figment of his paranoid imagination.
  • Alex goes on to further deflect from the reality of the Charleston murders by listing off people who have been "mind controlled" to do terrible things in the past, including but not limited to Timothy McVay, The Aurora Batman Shooter, and the Unabomber. Most of these cases are far from conclusive, vis-a-vis "mind-control."
  • Alex also takes the opportunity to demonize medications, being as Roof was apparently on Suboxone. While it is true that many medications are over-prescribed, and some regulations should be in place to safeguard from that, it is irresponsible to paint psychiatric drugs with such a broad brush. Medications can have negative side effects, but the way Alex couples medication and losing your free will is dangerous, and could scare people away from life-saving drug treatments.
  • Dylan Roof made comments about how he felt that black men were "taking our women." Instead of engaging with this belief as a piece of a racist cosmology that is really more about misplaced hated than it is about sexual impotence, Alex responds primarily by calling Roof a weirdo who couldn't get a girlfriend. The implication here is that if he could have gotten a girlfriend, he would not have harbored dangerously racist beliefs, which is just not true.
  • Paul Joseph Watson filed a "special report" about how white people are the real victims in society.
  • Alex gave the first indications that he is aware that the 2016 election season was starting, as he conducted an interview with former Clinton associate Larry Nichols. The interview is mostly Nichols talking about how evil both Clintons are, and how if they don't like you, they will kill you like Vince Foster. This interview is critical, for two reasons:
  1. The entire interview is about how if Hillary Clinton becomes president, the world will end. Everything will be destroyed. Alex had these ideas before, but there is a sense that he is also getting new marching orders, or at very least starting to understand that the narrative has to be destroy Hillary to save the world.
  2. It is now two days after Donald Trump announced his candidacy for the office of the president. Alex makes no mention of him, and seems to be oblivious or completely indifferent to his running. As of June 18th, 2015, Alex Jones has not yet made the leap.