July 6, 2015

The world on July 6, 2015:

  • 61% of Greek citizens vote to reject austerity conditions for a financial bailout. The situation seems very uncertain, but most are encouraged by the Greeks taking control of their future.
  • Nuclear talks with Iran continue in Vienna, after they recently were given an extension when sides could not reach an agreement by the established deadline. John Kerry expresses the position that, at this point, things could go either way.
  • Pope Francis begins an eight-day tour of South America, beginning in Ecuador, promoting a campaign of environmentalism.

What Alex covered on July 6th:

  • This show is very weird. Alex appears to be in a very weird mood, which leads to this moment in the middle of the episode where Alex reveals that he almost couldn't go on air that day.
  • After he screams his way into a break, he comes back after the commercials and explains that he engaged in a "controlled rage" during the break and he now feels better. This seems to be something that he does a lot, and indicates that he may not be very able or willing to engage in healthy anger management techniques. 
  • It appears that one of the reasons that Alex is in such a bad mood is because he only takes in news from propaganda outlets. On this episode, he explains his media routine, and it seems to mostly include reading stories posted on InfoWars (his own website), and reading the comments looking for "tips." It is a fascinating glimpse into how even the man making all the money and controlling the organization is still hurt by the influence of propaganda.


  • Because Alex has worked himself up into such a bad mood by reading dishonest stories on his own website, he is in no shape to actually do a show. He spends most of the show taking callers who all agree with him.
  • In the middle of a jag about how he doesn't want people to make him feel "white guilt," Alex reveals that even Jerome Corsi, a man who has known Donald Trump for 40 years, has told Alex that Trump is a shill. Everyone who eventually comes to support Trump are going on record as having inside knowledge that he's not to be trusted.
  • Alex tells a story about hanging out with Willie Nelson that is supposed to explain that Alex sells quality products because he doesn't want people to boo him, but ends up revealing that he is a bit of a prude.


  • Alex conducts an interview with "trends researcher" Gerald Celente. A lot of it is about the impending financial collapse, and they do recommend that people buy gold, a recurring theme on programs supported by Genesis Communications Network.