July 7, 2015

The world on July 7, 2015:

  • 61% of Greek citizens vote against a bailout of their economy involving austerity measures. Greek banks remain closed, and negotiations continue regarding emergency loans.
  • A Saudi-led coalition carries out strikes in Yemen, killing at least 200, many of which were civilians.
  • President Obama vows to continue the offensive on ISIS, saying "Our airstrikes will continue to target the oil and gas facilities that fund so much of their operations. We’re going after the ISIL leadership and infrastructure in Syria, the heart of ISIL that pumps funds and propaganda to people around the world."
  • New York City agrees to a $300,000 settlement in a case brought against them by six Occupy protesters who were pepper sprayed by Officer Anthony Bologna, while they were peacefully demonstrating and caught behind a police crowd control net.
  • A study finds that, of the 2.400 elected prosecutors in America, 95% are white. The study further found that 79% are white men. In 66% of the states that elect prosecutors, none are African Americans. This creates an immense bias in the legal system that is often ignored when reform is discussed.
  • Court documents from 2005 are released wherein Bill Cosby admitted that he gave quaaludes to women he intended to have sex with. Somehow he is still not in prison.

What Alex covered on July 7th:

  • A lot of the show was spent intentionally misleading the audience about what President Obama recently said about the fight against ISIS (or ISIL, as Obama calls them). The substance of what Obama said is that, in the case of terrorism, military might is not enough to defeat them. What is required is a better ideology. Alex intentionally misunderstands his comments to mean that Obama is saying that we are not going to attack ISIS because they are his personal proxy army to kill Christians. The reason he does this is because, if he did not misinterpret the comments this way, he would have to admit that he agrees with Obama about something substantive (Alex constantly talks about how "Americana" will inspire the world, etc).
  • Alex conducts an interview with Lord Monckton, a British gentleman who believes the EU is a fascist organization that is doomed to failure. An interesting conversation could be had about how things are particularly doomed to fail when parties actively work against them, but that is not the conversation that the two men have.
  • Alex gets defensive about Jade Helm. Many people believed that Jade Helm was a planned army takeover of Texas (among other parts of the country deemed "hostile"). Alex claims that he never said it was real, just that it was conditioning the public to prepare for an eventual war against patriots. It's a fine line to draw, and I cannot comment on whether or not his claims about his coverage are true. This will be updated as evidence is found.
  • Alex talks about his experience going back to Bohemian Grove on the History Channel show Decoded with Brad Meltzer. His telling of the events makes enough sense, when he is talking about this reality TV visit to the Grove. However, it is very important to note that Alex Jones, most likely, was completely lying about his initial "infiltration" of Bohemian Grove. Alex claims that he "exposed" the existence of the grove, but you can see here a news story from ABC about Bohemian Grove from 1981, a full 19 years before Alex's "documentary." Further, journalist Philip Weiss sneaked into Bohemian Grove in 1989 for six whole days, and wrote an extensive article about it, and really described the Grove as being basically a drunk summer camp for rich dudes (he experienced everything that Alex talked about, like the Cremation of Care ceremony, he just experienced it in context, and doesn't have a vested interest in selling fear). Further, consider these two videos, each pointing out very serious problems with Alex Jones' Bohemian Grove documentary. The first discusses how Alex doesn't actually have footage of any of the things he talks about in the video. The second discusses the geographical problems, how Alex's account of where he claims he went just does not match up with Google maps, or the Grove's own maps. 
  • Alex spends a lot of time on this episode announcing that news director Rob Dew's uncle, a former FBI agent, is "investigating Sandy Hook." In 2017, Alex Jones claims that he never said that Sandy Hook was a fake event, but we have shown time and again that he did make those claims repeatedly, and in varying contexts. Below, you will find a clip of him telling a caller that no kids died at Sandy Hook, and under that, is the actual audio from Dew's uncle that they are basing their new reporting on. He says nothing other than that "he's never seen something like" this, which most people would say about the senseless murder of schoolchildren. Alex repeats many thoroughly debunked claims put forth by unscrupulous sources, and cites the work of discredited opportunist/victim family harasser Wolfgang Halbig. It is an embarrassment to journalism, and decency.