July 5, 2015

The world on July 5, 2015:

  • British Petroleum agrees to pay out $18.7 billion in a settlement stemming from their 2010 oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. A large amount of these fees BP is paying are due to the Clean Water Act, which is something that Republicans in Congress are trying to dismantle.
  • Jim Webb declares his intention to run to be the Democratic nominee in the 2016 presidential election. This is the definition of a footnote in history.
  • It is announced that the most wanted terrorist in Tunisia, Seifallah Ben Hassine, was killed in a US airstrike in Libya in June.
  • A woman in Washington state dies of measles, being the first American to do so since 2003. The United States was declared "measles-free" in 2000, but most likely due to a growing number of people becoming anti-vaccination, the disease is making a comeback, with a total of 644 reported cases in 2015, the highest tally recorded in 15 years.
  • President Obama announces he will commute the sentences of dozens of nonviolent drug offenders.
  • Washington state announces that they have brought in an additional $70 million in tax revenue due to their legalization of weed.

What Alex covered on July 5th:

  • Most of this show, Alex is still covering the financial situation in Greece, but doing so through the prism of how it is a test run of what the Globalists are going to do to the United States. Though the situation in Greece is, and was, awful, and the banks were acting in an exploitative fashion, it is incredibly difficult to take financial analysis seriously from someone fear-mongering while they stand to financially benefit from people buying gold (Alex's distributor, Genesis Communications Network is owned by Ted Anderson, also the owner of Midas Resources, a gold and silver sales company).
  • Alex doubles down on his previous comments about how he does not trust Donald Trump. He goes so far to even say "Donald Trump doesn't matter."


  • Alex reiterates his feelings that Trump is untrustworthy, but also indicates that he does like Trump's anti-immigrant rhetoric. It is worth noting that Alex agreeing with Trump's xenophobia is not enough to convince him to sign up with Team Trump. 


  • Paul Joseph Watson also indicates on this episode that he does not trust Trump. He says he thinks he is a narcissist and is just in the race for publicity.
  • Alex is very mad about the "knockout game," wherein youths videotape themselves attacking strangers. Fears about this social media phenomenon were the subject of much coverage in right wing media, but Alex's take on it is so very racial. As he expresses in this clip, he feels that "gangbangers" are gods to hippies and trendies, so they become easy targets for attack. In contrast "good old boys in trucks" aren't being the victims of the knockout game, because everyone knows they have guns. The coded language displayed here is intentional, and is a subtle message to his overwhelmingly white audience about who is to blame for the problem, namely these turncoat hippies and trendies.
  • Most of the rest of this show is covering a tragic story of an undocumented immigrant who murdered a white woman in San Francisco. Alex is furious about this, and spends a very large chunk of time on it, repeatedly drawing focus to her white-ness, and insinuating that this is the motivation for the crime, or at very least that people don't care about her being killed because of her being white. It is an act of complete twisting of reality. He brings in an unrelated quote from Black Nationalist leader Khalid Muhammed to try to inject overtones of racism against whites into the situation. Alex revisits this same case on subsequent episodes, but never really does any true analysis of it, past the point of spreading fear about this supposed "immigrant menace." He even warns that people from all over the world are coming to the US to engage in "murder tourism." Juxtaposing this level of coverage when one white person is killed to how dismissive he was after the Charleston shooting, and the fact that he never questions the murder of a white person as a "false flag," should tell everyone what they need to know about what really matters to Alex, namely white identity.