July 3, 2015

The world on June 3, 2015:

  • President Obama announces that after more than 50 years of not being in contact, the US and Cuba would reopen embassies in each other's countries and recommence diplomatic efforts.
  • More than 100 die in clashes between government forces and militants in the Sinai Peninsula of Egypt, mostly ISIS identified militants.
  • The UN announces a 83% increase in migrants entering Europe, fleeing war an persecution, many from Syria. They describe the situation as a humanitarian refugee crisis.
  • NASCAR offers a "flag swap" for their fans, wherein they bring in a Confederate flag, and NASCAR would provide them with a US flag. Statistics are hard to track down, but it is hard to imagine that this program was well-received.
  • Bernie Sanders sets the record for attendance at a campaign stop, as he spoke to 10,000 people in Madison, WI. He is still massively outmatched by Hillary Clinton in terms of fundraising.
  • Macy's stops selling Donald Trump branded products in response to public outcry regarding his disparaging comments about Mexican immigrants.
  • Wikileaks publishes much of the text from the TiSA (Trade in Services Agreement), another international trade agreement being discussed by heads of state, and some claim that it is more important to our country's trade agenda even than TPP.
  • Girl Scouts in WA reject a $100,000 donation because the donor insisted the money not go to programs benefiting transgender girls. This Girl Scout chapter started a campaign #forEVERYgirl, and raised over $300,000, which could be used however they like.

What Alex covered on June 3rd:

  • Alex believes that Trump is just in the race for publicity and that he is a shill to help Hillary get elected.
  • Alex says that he does not trust Donald Trump, going so far as to say that Trump is not actually rich, and that he is a "front man for some consortiums on the East Coast," which is clearly a reference to the mob. This level of awareness in 2015 is very hard to square with Alex's state of mind in 2016 and 2017.
  • Alex plays a video of Joe Biggs interviewing people around Austin about what we are celebrating on the 4th of July. It is a direct rip-off of a Mark Dice video they had played the day before, and it is inane. Alex uses the very clearly cherry-picked responses from people who don't know that we declared our independence from Britain to prove that everyone (especially "liberal trendies") is dumb, and that he (and his listeners) is the only person who still loves and appreciates America. This is something that he comes back to over and over on the show.
  • Alex makes the claim that trial lawyers are secretly behind the push to legalize same-sex marriages, so they'll have other people to fleece. It's worth noting that Alex recently went through a divorce at this point, so it is fair to assume he's a little biased. Alex weaves this theory into a proclamation that heterosexual marriage is "regular marriage," and if you disagree, you are mentally ill.
  • Alex tells a story of when he was descended upon by Satanists when he was covering an anti-abortion rally. The way he tells the story is hilariously over-the-top, and clearly untrue. The reality, if you watch the actual video (bizarrely titled "Sexy Women Hail Satan and Love Abortion"- clip starts at about the 9:30 mark), it is very clear that these supposed Satanists are trolling. It is very unlikely that Alex doesn't understand that these people aren't actually crying out to Satan, and that he is just using this to score propaganda points.