July 2, 2016

The world on July 2, 2015:

  • Donald Trump has been running for president for 16 days.
  • The deadline for Iran nuclear negotiations passes, and the deadline is extended.
  • Officials in Texas, Alabama, Louisiana, Kentucky, and Tennessee have vowed to refuse to follow the Supreme Court's recent decision recognizing same-sex marriage throughout all 50 states. This is bizarre, since those states are generally super chill.
  • NJ Governor Chris Christie begins his doomed bid for the presidency. He will be remembered as "the guy who messed with those bridges" and "the first one to sell out to Trump, only to be cast aside once he was no longer useful."
  • The Justice Department announces its decision that the police violated protesters' civil rights during the protests that occurred In Ferguson, MO. Of particular concern were the use of tear gas and police dogs on the crowd.

What Alex covered on July 2nd:

  • The mark of the Beast has arrived, and it is Federal ID cards. Over his career, Alex has often claimed that high level Globalists have told him that they were planning to implant humans with microchips that would be required to buy and sell things in the future, essentially a mirror of the prophesies of the book of Revelation. Alex has repurposed this fear to apply to a number of situations over the years. The fear is diluted a little by being used so many times, but regardless it is very Alex to take Bible prophecy literally.
  • Alex conducts an interview with Ron Paul wherein two important things happen. First, Alex makes crystal clear that the only candidate he is interested in for the 2016 election is Rand Paul. Second, he asks Ron Paul a leading question that is designed to get Paul to agree that financial collapse is imminent, drawing out the specific quote that the market's "days are numbered." Alex uses this quote on this show and subsequent shows to give credibility to his collapse narrative, which I suspect is mostly about preparing people for...
  • ...Alex conducting an interview with Ted Anderson, owner of Genesis Communications Network (Alex's long-time radio distributor) and Midas Resources (a gold and silver sales outfit). For at least a week, Alex has been beating the drum hard that the economy was on the very brink of collapse, and that a lot of it hinges on gold. Anderson's appearance is a disgraceful continuation of that, where he and Alex fear-monger, talk about Ron Paul's earlier comments, and talk about how stupid someone would have to be to not buy gold now. This interview, and the preceding "collapse coverage," is unethical, even by InfoWars standards.


  • 16 days into his candidacy, Alex Jones finally mentions Donald Trump. Alex feels that Trump is a shill, and he is only there to be a distraction to make sure that Jeb Bush wins the nomination.


  • Alex conducts an interview with Jesse Ventura, wherein Alex tries to convince Jesse to run for president. It's clear at this point that Alex is emotionally committed to Rand Paul, but doesn't believe he can win, so is trying to get a more marketable option in the race. He has no interest in Trump at all.