July 21, 2015

The world on July 21, 2015:

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What Alex covered on July 21st:

  • Alex begins a pretty short-lived narrative where he believes that Army recruiting centers around the country are under attack, mostly because they are gun-free zones. In order to beef up the story, Alex sends Joe Biggs down to an Austin-area Army recruitment center, where he and about 3 other people, stand guard with guns outside to protect the recruiters. No one attacks, and Alex loses interest in this narrative pretty quick.
  • Alex has fallen for more deceptively edited anti-Planned Parenthood videos put out by the Center For Medical Progress. This will come up pretty much every day for a while.
  • Alex admits that he has met the NY mafia. He has also said that he knows that Donald Trump is a front for them.
  • Alex spouts out one of his favorite lies, that Snopes is run by "a lady and her cat." He desperately needs to discredit Snopes, since anything that involves fact-checking works against Alex's purposes. He can't really argue with what they do, so he has to attack who they are (at least who they are in his head). Snopes is not run by a lady and her cat. They have a full staff of editors, writers, fact-checkers, and support staff. This is simply an instance of Alex making shit up to try to attack people who prove that he just makes stuff up.
  • Alex reveals that he prefers to take Super Female Vitality to Super Male.
  • Alex's 12 year old son Rex is on the show to present a special report about how environmentalists are stupid. He does a fine job making a video, for a sixth grader, but this is incredibly inappropriate for Alex to be doing, both as a broadcaster and as a father.