July 20, 2015

The world on July20, 2015:

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What Alex covered on July 20th:

  • Most of this show is about Alex's narrative that he's building that the British nobility are: A) secretly Nazis, and B) literal descendants of Dracula. Alright, that's not fair. I should say, literal descendants of Vlad the Impaler. Most of what Alex is referencing goes back to a Romanian tourism campaign that was trying to entice people to Transylvania (a part of Romania) by highlighting Prince Charles' distant relation to Vlad. Considering the way genealogy works, if you go back six centuries, you may be surprised to find the bizarre familial connections people have, and quite frankly, given that Vlad had at least three recorded sons and had a period of military adventurism against the Ottoman empire, it's very reasonable to think that he had far more offspring than that, giving him a potentially large lineage.
  • Alex Jones discusses the nature of fear and how standing up to fear is what separates boys from men. To illustrate this philosophy, he discusses how, in his school days, he was not afraid to skinny-dip with the cheerleaders, whereas other kids were. The story he's telling is likely not true, but even if it is, it is not really demonstrative of "overcoming fear."


  • Alex claims that "Islam has always been about conquest." To back up his claim, he points out that Islam is everywhere, which is evidence of its conquest-filled past. He fails to point out that there is at least one other religion with a pretty serious history of conquest that can now be found everywhere.
  • Alex announces that he is launching a TV network, but the details are vague. What's not vague is that he needs a ton of money to do it, so he spends a lot of the show asking for people to buy his products and "fund the operation."
  • Alex has an interview with his newly-hired investigative reporter Wayne Madsen. The interview is about how the Clintons' personal chef was found dead, apparently with a note on him that said to call Larry Nichols if anything happened to him. Madsen asserts that the chef somehow had inside information about the truth about 9/11, and he knew too much, so once Jeb Bush announced his candidacy for president, the chef had to be taken out. It's all a lot of sensational nonsense.