July 22, 2015

The world on July 22, 2015:

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What Alex covered on July 22nd:

  • Alex is deep in the middle of pushing the Center For Medical Progress videos, purporting to show that Planned Parenthood is secretly a racket where doctors are selling aborted baby parts for massive profits. This narrative overwhelms the Alex Jones Show for a few months, until it becomes clear that these videos were fraudulently edited to make it appear that the subjects caught on film were haggling over fetal tissue prices when they were not. It was an example of shameless propaganda and Alex fell for it and promoted it shamelessly.
  • Donald Trump recently made his comments that he prefers war heroes that didn't get captured, about John McCain. While Alex hates John McCain (and thinks that he's lying about being tortured in Vietnam), he interprets Trump's words as being proof that the Republican strategists are telling Trump to torpedo his campaign, which in turn is proof that he is in the pocket of the Globalists. Alex is "very mad" at him, and goes so far as to say "I told you so!"
  • Alex claims that Melinda Gates threatened his life, if he didn't stop talking about vaccines. This is a perfect encapsulation of how Alex's mental illness manifests.  The quote Alex is referring to is Gates saying that if anti-vaxers are successful in turning people against vaccines, then people are going to die, from the diseases that the vaccinations prevent. Alex hears her comment, and because he is a delusional narcissist, believes that she is saying that if he doesn't shut up about vaccines, then she will kill him. It's absurd, but also uses the same twisted logic that so much of Alex's philosophy does.
  • Alex says that the ATF is a terrorist organization that hates America. Also, they "did Waco and Oklahoma City."
  • Alex pretends that he interviewed George Carlin, but in the course of telling the story, he accidentally reveals that someone spoke to him at a book signing, while getting a book signed.


  • Alex tells an elaborate story about his dad being the 6th smartest kid in Texas at the age of 16, at which point the Globalists tried to recruit him to join their ranks. There is a great deal about this story that does not pass the smell test.
  • Alex puts on a dreadfully transphobic display, wherein he plays a video of himself with brown socks on his ears pretending that he's decided he identifies as a dog. This is childish, and willful ignorance about trans people, but there is another issue that this clip demonstrates that is particularly troubling. Alex reveals that he made this video mocking the idea of trans identities to amuse his young daughters, and that one of them was holding the camera. Beyond that, one of his daughters dresses up in a gorilla suit and appears on camera, with Alex saying that she is an employee who identifies as a gorilla. These children are much too young to have a grasp on the issues, and the fact that Alex is using them to push his bigotry. This is a disgrace, and indicates that he is perhaps a terrible father.