July 13, 2015

The world on July 13th:

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What Alex covered on July 13, 2015:

  • Alex explains that Donald Trump is "from the WWE," and unlike Jesse Ventura who grew out of that stuff, Trump treats the real world like pro wrestling. He goes on to say that you'd have to be stupid not to see through the charade of him faking being against Hillary.
  • Alex is starting to show an affinity for Russia and Vladimir Putin. His version is that they are one of the only countries left that is still "male," which just taken alone is a weird position. He thinks that Russia is the only major country in the world that is standing up to Globalism, not realizing that there is another possibility, namely, that the civilized world sees a legitimate threat in Putin, and is largely unified against him. Alex is beginning to make clear that he sides with Russia.
  • Alex reveals that he is related to the Tudors. In the past, he's also revealed that he is related to Confederate general Nathan Bedford Forest, and the guy who "invented the stock market." Alex constantly brags about his lineage, but beyond making wild pronouncements, none of this is ever proven. 
  • Alex "takes one look at Trump, and thinks danger Will Robinson." He still absolutely does not trust Trump, and is still firmly in the Rand Paul camp.
  • Alex says that "casino owners are slimy," and literally calls Trump a predator.
  • Alex conducts a long interview with Anthony Gucciardi, which is really just an infomercial for his products, something that is happening more and more lately. In this installment, they give the backstory of Dr. Group. The real backstory is that he's not really a doctor, but actually a chiropractor. Their version is much better, and involves his dad being an evil scientist who created many of the toxins that are hurting humanity currently. At a certain point, Group rebelled against his father and made it his life's work to undo the damage he had done to the innocents of Earth. It's absolute drivel, and even pitched as a comic book character origin story, it would be "a little derivitive."