July 14, 2015

The world on July 14, 2015:

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What Alex covered on July 14th:

  • Alex announces that he's bringing back the 4th hour of his radio show, which means we are one step closer to AIDS-truther and all-around medical skeptic Jon Rappoport showing up. Alex conceives of the 4th hour as an "intense news roundtable," and constantly pitches it like it's going to be hard-hitting straight up news and analysis. To put it politely, there is a lot lost between his conception and his execution.
  • Alex explains why he's becoming more religious lately. This would probably be impossible to type out, so the clip is provided below.
  • Alex conducts an interview with Larry Elder, which is the first instance of Alex talking to someone with decidedly pro-Trump feelings. Larry Elder is not someone I would be taking too much guidance from, considering the following two clips, where he defends Todd Akin's "legitimate rape" comments, and implies that the Charleston shooting wouldn't have been so bad if everyone were armed. It is the definition of missing the point on both counts.
  • Alex suggests that President Obama is to blame for racial strife in the country.


  • Alex reveals that he did not pay for the abortions that he has claimed to have paid for in the past (and did a lot of soul searching and praying about and forgiven himself for).
  • Alex has an interview with "biggest whistleblower ever" Tosh Plumley. It is largely about Benghazi, and how that was an elaborate gun-running operation gone wrong. Most of their conversation is thoroughly debunked talking points and baseless speculation.
  • Lee Ann McAdoo hosts the 4th hour.