July 12, 2015

The world on July 12th:

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What Alex covered on July 12:

  • Alex still thinks that Trump is a shill for Hillary Clinton. He says he still "doesn't trust him," but still is wrestling with his feeling that Trump is "telling the truth" about world issues. Alex seems to be caught between wanting to defend the paranoid worldview that Trump espouses and not wanting to have to be associated with such a ridiculous candidate.
  • Alex claims to have information from a "high level source" that Trump is deeply connected to the mob, going so far as to say "with a name like Corleone, you get arrested; with a name like Trump you don't." This is very explicit, and is a very big problem when taken in combination with Alex's current position on Trump, namely that he would "die for him."


  • Alex cites a Newseum poll that claims that only 19% of respondents were "able to" say that the 1st Amendment to the Constitution guarantees freedom of religion. Here is the article about the study, which if you read closely, you will see is methodologically flawed. The way the questions are phrased alone calls this poll into question. Also, this statistic is not abnormal for their polling: since 1997, they've never shown a higher percentage than 29% of respondents that know about the freedom of religion. Overall, this is a bad poll, on top of that, Alex is using it poorly.
  • Alex, who on past shows has said explicitly that he owns multiple Nazi guns, is very offended that people are offended by the Confederate flag, and Confederate memorabilia being sold at flea markets. He takes up a lot of his time complaining about this.
  • Alex insists that "trendies" only like Muslims because they think hookahs are cool.