Lee Ann McAdoo


Lee Ann McAdoo is the only on-camera female employee at InfoWars that seems to have stayed for any appreciable amount of time.

Though she is still technically an InfoWars employee (as of Summer 2018), she very rarely appears on the Alex Jones Show anymore, and when she does, it is pretty much always a remote appearance over video.

Is That Her Real Name?

Many have suggested that her name is fake, and while that is a possibility, questions remain. Her McAdoo alias could possibly be a subtle reference to William G. McAdoo, former Secretary of the Treasury, and first chairman of the Federal Reserve Board. This makes very little sense, as the entire point of the InfoWars worldview is that the Federal Reserve is evil, but there are very few famous McAdoo's to choose from, and she definitely isn't paying homage to Negro League standout Tullie McAdoo.

Many blogs claim that her real name is Lee Ann Fleissner, but most of these sites do not point to any reason they believe this to be the case. A Legacy.com page set up for William McAdoo III (1929-2009) includes a post from a Lee Ann Fleissner, saying "To me you will always be Grampa [sic]," but that does not prove that this is Lee Ann McAdoo, nor does it prove that Fleissner is William's actual grand-daughter.

Voter records do show a Lee Ann Fleissner who has been registered to vote in both Sarasota, FL (where she is from) and Austin, TX (where she has lived while working at InfoWars). This is an interesting wrinkle, but falls short of proving that this is definitely Lee Ann McAdoo.

After reviewing the information available, it appears that Lee Ann's mother's name is Kathryn McAdoo Johnson, and there are some strong indications that her maiden name was Fleissner. In this scenario, Lee Ann McAdoo and Lee Ann Fleissner are both Lee Ann's real name, and there is no conspiracy about it.

Another aspect that makes this seem less nefarious is that, years before she had any inclination about working at InfoWars, Lee Ann was already going by Lee Ann McAdoo.

Pre-InfoWars Work

Though she joined InfoWars in 2013, McAdoo had been seeking a career in media before that. In 2009-2010, she was credited as Lee Ann McAdoo when she appeared in five episodes of a superhero show called The Last Resorts. This is four years before she randomly became an InfoWars employee, so if she's using a fake name, it is purely to protect her private life, which is very common among people in the public eye.

She was involved in a reality style competition in 2011 called CW Austin Star, where she had to succeed in a number of reporter-themed challenges in order to win a year contract with The CW. This seem very in character for McAdoo, seeing that she got a job at InfoWars through winning one of Alex's trademark "Reporter Search Contests."

Before joining the InfoWars team, Lee Ann McAdoo kept a website/blog called Audacious Musings of a Tenacious Lee, with a web address of BohemianLee.com. It is unclear if this is a reference to bohemianism, or to Bohemian Grove, the place Alex Jones pretended to infiltrate. Based on the content of her blog, the prior is much more likely than the latter.


A very strong indication that this blog was, in fact, written by Lee Ann McAdoo is that a very specific common phrase exists in McAdoo's current Twitter bio and the bio of the writer of this blog: "A Psychic. A Lion Tamer. An Ensorcelling Shrew." In her Twitter bio and current website's tagline, the word "shrew" is replaced by "muse," but the use of ensorcell, a very uncommonly used word that means "to bewitch or entrance," seems to be 100% indicative of Lee Ann being the author of this site.

A lot of the content on the blog runs very counter to what InfoWars stands for. For example, from a post from December 27, 2012:

Perhaps it was all the hub-bub leading up to the 2012 Mayan Calendar “ending”, or the energetic talk of crossing through the 12-12-12/12-21-12 gateway, but I really find myself deeply drawn to reconnect with Source... I’ve been journaling more, drawing, crafting, practicing the tarot and gobbling up any ounce of esoteric knowledge I come across.

Practicing with tarot is something that Alex would denounce as Satanic. Gobbling up esoteric knowledge is what a "Globalist" would do. This content is very suspicious, considering that McAdoo would begin working at InfoWars a short three months after writing this post, when her previous writing shows an inclination toward New Age mysticism and no inclination toward anti-communist propaganda.

Around 2013, McAdoo is credited as the "Video Producer" for Austin rapper Zeale's song "Hope Dies." The internet believes that Zeale is (or was) McAdoo's boyfriend because she refers to him as her "sexy man" on her blog. They may have been a couple, they may not have been; it's not really our business.