David Jones

[Note: I can find no credible picture of David Jones that does not trace back to a neo-Nazi website, and as such, until a more reputable source is uncovered, this entry will remain without an image]

David Jones is Alex Jones' father, and likely one of the main people to blame for how Alex turned out.

A lot of the available information about David Jones is of a dubious nature, because it is coming from Alex, who takes hero-worshiping a father to irresponsible extremes.

Alex has claimed that his dad was the "sixth smartest person in Texas" as a teen, and because he was so smart, the "Globalists" offered to bring him into their evil scheme to take over the world. However, because David Jones is an honorable man, he rejected their offer:

This is obviously a completely absurd claim, which would require us to believe that: 1) there was statewide testing of "who is the smartest kid," 2) the "Globalists" were behind the test and it was just for recruitment, 3) the "Globalists" told the potential recruits about their big, evil plans before the recruit had decided to join up or not, and 4) if the recruit decided against joining, these "Globalists" did literally nothing to prevent them from disseminating all their big, evil, secret plans. That is not how an actual organization would ever operate, but it is how a dumb child would brag about their dad to other kids.

Alex has also claimed that his dad worked for the CIA, but when he gets into the details, the only real thing Alex ever points to is that David Jones may have been a dentist for a couple CIA agents in the past, which is in no way equivalent to being in the CIA. Most conspiracy theory sites accept this claim that Alex is making at face-value, with no evidence that David was ever involved in Intelligence. From everything official, it appears he has always been a dentist.

His license to practice dentistry is a publicly available document, and from it, you can glean some important information. For instance, we learn that David was born in 1950, and graduated from dental school in 1978, four years after Alex was born. David was 24 years old when Alex was born, which would have been just a short time after he finished his primary undergraduate studies.

It appears that he did his undergraduate course work at University of Texas at Austin. In the UT-Austin yearbook (The Cactus) for 1970, his name is listed as a member in an honor society on campus. In the 1968 yearbook, it appears that he is listed as being a member of both the Silver Spurs and The Order Of The Alcalde, two innocent student life groups with names suspicious enough to make any conspiracy theorist start getting excited (for the record, "The Alcalde" is the name of UT's alumni magazine).

After he graduated from Baylor College of Dentistry (now known as Texas A&M College of Dentistry), he was immediately awarded a license to practice on June 22, 1978. His license has been active ever since, and is set to expire in August 2018.

In November 2015, he did receive a warning from the Texas Board of Dental Examiners. The issue sprang from a complaint they'd received about his practice. According to the Board's determination, this was the problem:

Respondent fell below the minimum standard of care during the dental treatment of a patient. Specifically, Respondent recommended and performed root canal therapy plus post and core on patient’s tooth number 22 when the tooth should have been extracted because it was structurally too far decayed to successfully treat with a root canal.

Respondent extracted tooth number 22 twenty-three (23) days after performing the root canal.

They further found that he had failed to keep adequate records about the patient. Taking all of the facts into consideration, they determined that he needed to compensate the patient $600 to make up for what was charged for the procedure, and he was fined $3,000 by the Board. David Jones was also required to take 14 hours of continuing education regarding ethics and bookkeeping, as well as just dentistry.

At some point, David Jones gave Alex $20,000 to help him get InfoWars off the ground:

Side Hustles

David Jones is not just a dentist, he is also the owner of a decent amount of pretty valuable property.

From as early as 1983, David was leasing at least one oil well to Marathon Oil for an undisclosed sum (see p. 164, or below). The well was located in Freestone, TX, a county approximately 100 miles south of Dallas. Generally the way those arrangements work is that the landowner gets a certain percentage of the value of the oil yield, so if his well was producing even a small number of barrels, he could have been raking in a very large sum from this lease.

Interestingly, if we consult page 129 of that document, we learn that on September 21, 2015, Marathon decided to sell 100% of its working interest in Freestone County, TX, which would include David's lease. From here, it is unclear if the lease got bought by another oil company, or if the well is just out of service now.

David Jones also owns at least 12 additional mineral interests in Freestone County. These all represent oil rights that he is leasing, and their appraisal history tells a very interesting story.

David’s mineral interests in Freestone County have been appraised every year, and the valuation of his property has dropped from $52,120 in 2015 to $21,740 in 2017 (account required), representing an over 50% drop in value. For many of the interests, it appears that the situation is that the oil is running dry. For instance, his stake in “CUNNINGHAM -A- (05)” was worth $2,020 in 2015 and only $30 in 2017. That precipitous a drop is indicative of a property that is just not producing much oil anymore. It does not appear that these drops can be related to the price of oil, because if that were the case, we would see far more uniform drops between his interests, as well as uniform drops for other interest holders in neighboring properties, and this just is not the pattern we see. The pattern is that David Jones’ land is depreciating very quickly between 2015 and 2017.

David Jones' estimated oil revenue over time.

This is still only the difference between revenue of about $2000 in 2015 vs. almost nothing in 2018. For a marginally successful dentist, that is not “make-or-break money,” but that cannot be said of the situation in 2008, when oil prices shot through the roof based on a confluence of events that led the market toward thinking the supply was going to be crippled as demand was increasing. As the price went up, the value of David Jones’ interests sky-rocketed, bringing in an estimated $110,000 between March and April of 2008. May’s revenue held at around $50,000, but then the market started to correct itself, and by December his take was down to around $14,000. By February 2009, it was down to about $8,500.

Late Career Change

In 2018, when two of Alex's former employees filed EEOC complaints against Alex, we learned that Dr. David Jones had presumably left dentistry behind, and was now acting as the "Head of Human Resources" for InfoWars. He appears to have zero training in human resources, nor does he appear to have any experience in the field.