Jakari Jackson


Jakari Jackson is a former employee of InfoWars. In his time with the company, he was a regular anchor of the Nightly News program, and a frequent in-the-field reporter for Alex's broadcasts.

Jackson left InfoWars toward the end of 2016, after approximately four years of being there. Jakari has never commented publicly on why he left, so people on the internet have filled the gap with completely unfounded speculation. Whichever explanation a person suggests is most credible tells you more about that person than anything else. If they tell you he left because he didn't want to be a Trump propagandist, then you know that person is most interested in fitting the story into their story about how Alex sold out for Trump. If they tell you he left because he learned that Alex is secretly working for Israel, then you know that person thinks the Protocols of the Elders of Zion is a real book.

After leaving InfoWars, Jakari Jackson began writing a kid-friendly comic book series called Daydreams, the first issue of which is available on Amazon.