Carol Hamman

Carol Hamman is Alex Jones' mother.

There is very little information that is publicly available about her. It is through her side of the family, the Hamman's, that Alex is related to his cousin Buckley, who is very involved with InfoWars operations. Carol's brother William Forrest Hamman is Buckley's father. Allegedly, it is thought the Hamman side of the family that Alex is related to the Ayers family who raised Col. William Travis' son, but we cannot find confirmation of this connection.

Much like is the case with Alex's father, David Jones, many on the internet have decided that Carol is either a current or former CIA agent, with literally no evidence to support their theories. Though Alex does often say that he has family that's been in the FBI, the CIA, and any other agency that a child might brag to his friends that his parents are in, there is no proof that any of his claims are true.

Alex Jones claims that at the age of six, Hamman kicked him off her lap and said that he wasn't going to get love anymore, out of fears that he would grow up to be a "momma's boy:"

People who know Ms. Hamman who we have spoken to claim that this sort of behavior would be very out of character for her, and that this event is most likely a creation of Alex's imagination.

It has been suggested by Alex that Hamman works in some capacity for InfoWars, but it is unclear if this is true or what her specific role in the company is.