March 26, 2018


  • Mike Cernovich: Cernovich is a pile of garbage. Mike found his first crumbs of success as a member of the Pick Up Artist community. As a self-styled Fuck Guru, Mike gave dudes incredibly fucked up advice, like "when in doubt, whip it out." He made a very smooth transition into being a figure in Gamergate, as it seemed like a novel new way for him to attack women and pretend it's politics. After this, Mike made his way to Trump and the Alt-Right because he was concerned about "white genocide." After realizing that he was literally in bed with Nazis, he started pretending he wasn't "alt-right," but was "alt-light," as if there was a distinction. Much like Paul Joseph Watson, he's pretended to leave the Trump Train a few times, probably to cultivate the image of independence, only to come right back into the fold immediately. In Dec. 2017, Mike started trying to "report" on fraudulently created documents claiming to be sexual assault accusations against Chuck Schumer, indicating that he either was involved in the forgery or he was too bad a journalist to realize that they were terrible fakes and "reported" on them anyway. He is literally too much of a monster to describe here, so check here if you want more of the Greatest Hits.
  • Gerald Celente: "Trends forecaster." Celente is, much like all of Alex's "financial guests" like Harry Dent or Peter Schiff, only on the show to spread pessimism and dread about the state of the economy. Though the numbers look good, don't trust them! He has a rich history of predicting market collapses on Alex's show, and then they never happen.


It seems like today is basically a repeat episode of The Alex Jones Show, as the first hour is almost entirely devoid of anything that doesn't feel like well-traveled roads.

Many a complaint is made by Alex about how he is the real victim in the Parkland shooting. That probably sounds a bit extreme, but I don't doubt he really thinks that. If he truly believes that the "democrat-Deep-State-Globalist" cabal is using the shooting to take away the first and second amendments and are doing that by specifically attacking him, of course he thinks that's worse than, oh I don't know, being a kid who got murdered at their school.

His premise more or less relies on the idea that Soros is behind the March For Our Lives, which is a claim he makes repeatedly, but never really proves, beyond yelling about how there were a ton of buses in DC. Everyone knows that where there are a lot of buses parked, all of those buses must be paid for/chartered/rented by the same person. Buses are the dead-ringer of a Globalist trick.

Even if some community or charity groups that were involved in the rally had received funding from Soros or The Open Society, that means literally nothing. In this very episode, Alex Jones calls himself "the prophet of the Tea Party," which was a movement completely bankrolled and created by billionaire Koch brothers. So, using Alex's own logic about the March For Our Lives, what does that mean? It's utter bullshit; just because the Koch brothers created the Tea Party, that is not outright evidence that every member of the Tea Party does not believe the things they are advocating for. 

Alex tries to make the argument that at the March For Our Lives was not about sensible gun regulation, but actually about killing gun owners if they won't turn in their guns. He cites the fact that there were some people in the crowd with signs that indicated that the goal was taking away guns.

To use the same analogy from the Tea Party, we need not look far to find examples of people at Tea Party events holding signs referring to Obama as a monkey, using outright racial slurs, or even worse. Implying that one person's sign applies to the entirety of a protest is what's known as a composition fallacy, where you believe that characteristics one part of a group are indicative of the character of the whole. You would hope that people who try to encourage people to not have signs that are off-message, but the first amendment allows them to protest however they feel.

Beyond this sort of stuff, most of the show is really just Alex (and Mike Cernovich) building up their credentials as victims and how their lives are in danger. Their complaints seem to come down to how people are paying attention to them and calling them out for their words, whereas they used to be able to hide in the dark corners of the internet.

Alex makes an absurd claim about how mass shootings "in red states" always end in minutes because good guys with guns show up, but in blue states, they love to keep create situations where victims can be killed with impunity. This is categorically not based on any reality, and we did an in-depth look at the claim here.

Beyond this nonsense, we learn from Mike Cernovich's appearance that he doesn't really have any principles and his behavior is mostly directed by whatever raises his book sales. This is demonstrated by him explaining that when he went on the "mainstream media," it didn't move any books, but he sells a lot from InfoWars.

One might suggest that, the reason he didn't sell any books from being on the "mainstream media" is that when he was on, they very fairly made him look like the asshole lunatic he is. On the other hand, InfoWars is basically the QVC for unemployable, paranoid con-men; it would be a profound embarrassment if he wasn't able to sell books on InfoWars.

This is behavior that Cernovich has engaged in in the past too. When his MAGA Mindset book didn't sell as well as his older book, Gorilla Mindset, he took to his Periscope channel and announced that he was "off the Trump train," and he even referenced the book sales as one of the main reasons for it.

It's a petty thing to point out that these people are all con-men, and their motivation to spread hate, confusion, and lies always goes back to money. Their allegiances are bought, and where the dollar is, there they will go.