March 25, 2018


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This episode is being recorded the day after the March For Our Lives, the pro-gun regulation rally being organized by the Parkland shooting survivors, among others. The event was a huge success, bringing out hundreds of thousands of people in DC, and tons more in cities around the country.

Naturally, this is incredibly threatening to Alex, since he might as well be married to his gun and see every criticism of guns as an attack on their holy union. I think Alex's heart and soul wasn't 100% on Sunday, so to make sure there's enough testosterone in the studio, he has Owen Shroyer co-host with him, which leads to Alex forcing Owen into a bunch of weird high-fives.

These two pictures were taken during two separate high-fives within about four minutes. It was a wild time.

Most of the show, naturally, is designed to introduce all the necessary talking points that are needed to discredit the March For Our Lives. You hear almost all of the same narratives you saw with the Women's March (or any other gathering that Alex would rather not be allowed to happen, but he knows that argument is against the first amendment and would sort of reveal him as a fascist), but what is fascinating is how the same narratives are being fed by the same people.

For instance, back with the post-election rallies, Jack Posobiac was the source of "information" Alex reported about how there were buses parked nearby that brought people to the rally, which they extrapolated to necessarily mean that George Soros paid them all to be there. This time, it's once again Jack Posobiac who has provided that "information" for Alex:

Remember, if you see buses anywhere, it is proof of Globalist trickery.

Beyond all that, this episode is an absolute hodge-podge of terrible arguments that never really come together.

Alex complains that David Hogg was reading off a script at the rally when he gave his speech. A rational person would reply, "well, he's a 17 year old kid with very limited live public speaking experience who is now giving a speech to a crowd larger than any that most people will ever address."

Without providing any evidence, save for a few stray mentions of the Women's March, Alex asserts that George Soros is bankrolling this entire rally, in an attempt to take any validity away from the arguments that the people may be expressing.

A couple of extremely fucked up things keep happening throughout the show.

The first is that Alex is continuing his terrible defense that he "didn't say the kids at Parkland were crisis actors." Here is what he says about that on today's episode:

Alex is walking this bizarre line that makes no sense, and he's doing so because he knows people are actually paying attention to him now. Whereas in the days of Sandy Hook, he could literally say that no kids died there, he can't get away with that level of bullshit now, so he has to restrict his efforts to mostly just "muddying water."

If you listen to that clip, however, you'll see that what he is saying is that David Hogg, and presumably Emma Gonzalez (who he strangely isn't as obsessed with, though she is as front and center as Hogg is) were actors and had parents who are tied in with Alex's version of the "Deep State." They were in the "acting club" and they have been "chosen" and are "going off a script."

Here's the thing: in order for Alex's version of events to play out, and for Hogg to really have been chosen and scripted by his FBI or CNN parent, they would have had to have been lying in waiting. The FBI and CNN would have to have children in every school that could possibly be the location of a mass shooting, so their child would be ready to be chosen in the event of a tragedy occurring, and they would have to have their children ready and "scripted" almost immediately, since David Hogg got interviewed pretty quickly after the shooting. 

The only other way for Alex's timeline to work out is that the shooting was a planned event, which is what he hopes is the conclusion you will come to based on his "just vague enough to not get sued" words. It's complete bullshit, and represents a level of cowardice on Alex's part that is embarrassing. Just say what you mean, Alex. If it's true, you won't get sued.

The other thing that's really messed up is that Owen keeps trying to suggest that David Hogg is "just going through a rebellious phase:"

I will keep this in mind as I watch twenty-something year old Owen Shroyer grow up and possibly realize the dangers of the rhetoric he's actively putting out into the world. I won't hold my breath.

In terms of fun stuff that happens on the show, we get a nice instance of Alex telling a clearly fake story about getting mobbed by a very ethnically diverse crowd of fans at Six Flags:

This is somewhat in service of a narrative that he's been pushing for a long time: that the youth, Generation Z, is mostly Libertarian Conservatives, and that the tide is turning. You see him telling these stories about being a rock star at his kids' soccer games and shit, and obviously it is him telling exaggerated stories that stroke his grandiose ego, but at one point on this show, he says that studies show that Gen Z is all like him:

Alex says "studies," but what he's actually talking about is one "study" carried out by a British marketing company called The Gild. Their results are the source that is universally cited in articles that discuss the coming generation's shift toward conservatism.

The problem is that The Gild's "study" is wildly unscientific. It is basically just a browser quiz with no procedural controls or methodology. It is the political orientation equivalent of a "Which Member of NSYNC Are You?" quiz you may have taken on Buzzfeed years ago.

This study should absolutely be discounted, as it doesn't meet the standards of what qualifies as a representative sampled study. For a more in-depth look at this study, you can click here.

After the first hour, Alex leaves Owen to host, so what's the point in listening to that?