May 31, 2017

The world on May 31, 2017:

  • Donald Trump accidentally tweets out "Despite the constant negative press covfefe" and immediately, pretty much everyone on Twitter started clowning on him. Covfefe temporarily became the world's greatest punchline. In the morning's press conference, Sean Spicer claimed that Trump, and a small group, knew exactly what he meant.
  • 80 are killed and more than 350 wounded in a massive explosion in Kabul, Afghanistan. No terrorist group immediately claims responsibility, but it is unlikely to have not been an act of terror.
  • Mike Flynn has agreed to turn over documents related to the investigation into his (and Trump's) Russian ties to the Senate Intelligence Committee. Flynn had previously refused to turn over subpoenaed documents and announced that he would plead the fifth. This change has prompted many to guess that he may have struck a deal with prosecutors for immunity.
  • Trump announces that he will take the United States out of the Paris Agreement, joining Syria and Nicaragua as the only countries to do so. North Korea signed it, for some perspective. This is seen as a devastating development in the fight to get climate change under control.
  • Trump announces that he plans to roll back the diplomatic efforts that Barack Obama had made with Cuba. Most people cannot find a good motivation to do so.
  • President Duterte, having declared a state of martial law in the region of Mindanao, implies to his soldiers that if they rape women in Mindanao, they will not be punished. His record on human rights just keeps getting worse.

What Alex covered on May 31st:

  • Almost this entire show is about how mad Alex is at Kathy Griffin, who recently released a picture of herself holding a facsimile of Trump's decapitated head. Alex sees this as the moment when the anti-Trump crowd have jumped the shark, not taking into account that no one really supports Kathy Griffin, no one liked what she did, and that CNN was quick to fire her over the picture with or without a call to boycott their sponsors.
  • Alex miscalculated the response that CNN and the left would have to Griffin's picture, so he and Mike Cernovich hatched a plan to start a trolling campaign wherein they are selling shirts with the picture on it, with the worlds "CNN Terrorist" underneath, and they are giving away money to people who wear it on the news. Alex thinks this is going to be huge, but it doesn't look good. Now that CNN has already fired her, there isn't really anything for them to be fighting for, and the underpinning of their argument has kind of fallen apart.
  • Through their words, and the nature of the "contest," it's abundantly clear that this is really about Alex trying to: a) sell a ton of shirts, and b) trick his audience into creating massive amounts of free press for him. Currently, all his products are on a massive discount, and he said on a show last week that he was losing a number of affiliates. The smart money says that Alex and Cernovich knew that they desperately needed something to kick them out of this dangerous slump, and saw this picture as their shot.
  • Roger Stone claims that he discovered a George Soros-planted mole in the government. It is a pretty underwhelming conspiracy, all things considered, and there's nothing in his revelations that really seem to add up to anything nefarious.