May 30, 2017

The world on May 30, 2017:

  • Chancellor Angela Merkel announces that Germany can no longer entirely trust the USA or UK. It is a harrowing moment, and a clear indication that Putin's hopes to cause rifts in the West's alliances is working perfectly.
  • US airstrikes kill over 100 civilians in Syria.
  • Reports come out about Jared Kusher attempting to establish back-channel communications with the Kremlin. This is troubling because: 1) he is not the president, 2) he was doing this before Trump was inaugurated, so even if Trump was doing it, it would be illegal, 3) his motivations for setting up this secretive communication are unclear and reasons given don't make sense, and 4) he wanted to use Russian facilities to carry out this communication, which would clearly open him up to immense levels of blackmail.
  • 24 Coptic Christians are killed in Libya.
  • Sri Lanka announces that 500,000 people in their country have been displaced due to flooding
  • Taxi drivers in Spain launch a nation-wide strike, to protest Uber.
  • More than 1000 people gathered in Portland to honor the memory of Ricky Best and Taliesin Myrddin Namkai Meche, the two men who were murdered after intervening in a racist verbal assault (that could have easily turned into a racist physical attack without intervention) on a train.
  • It is revealed that private security firm TigerSwan used counterterrorism tactics against protesters at the Dakota Access Pipeline.

What Alex covered on May 30th:

  • The show started half an hour late. For the first 30 min of the live broadcast, they just played "special reports" and commercials for their products. At about the 34 minute mark, Roger Stone shows up and announces that he is hosting. There is no explanation given for the late start, nor for why Alex is not there.
  • This is particularly off-putting, given that on the May 25th show, Alex had announced that Jerome Corsi had discovered information that could get him killed, which he would reveal on the show on May 30. The day of the revelation came, and Alex is not even there. This did not bode well.
  • Jerome Corsi's revelation was not a revelation at all. He just reiterated the claims that he'd already made about Seth Rich having been murdered. He didn't even address three other bombshells that Alex claimed were to be revealed on this show. The simplest explanation is that Alex was losing affiliates and bleeding money, so he lied about Corsi finding new information that could get him killed. All in all, this was a complete let-down, or as I call it "a Classic InfoWars Moment."
  • Roger Stone spends most of the show introducing video packages, like a high school substitute teacher. It is very clear that this was not their original plan. Odds are that they realized that whatever false reporting they were going to carry out wasn't going to fly and may be legally actionable, so Alex retreated into a bottle.
  • Roger Stone interviews Rick Derringer, a "living legend of rock and roll." Most of the interview is about how Rick wrote Hulk Hogan's theme song "Real American," and how Rick recorded a new version of the song for Donald Trump. Roger later interviews Derringer's wife, mostly about Hulk Hogan's theme song "Real American." It is surreal, and an absolute embarrassment, considering that his episode was hyped as being when they would reveal information more scandalous than Watergate.
  • Paul Joseph Watson hosted the end of the show and probably complained about non-white people. I'm not sure, I turned it off.