June 30, 2015

The world on June 30, 2015:

  • Donald Trump has been running for president for 14 days
  • President Obama announces plans to expand overtime pay for over five million workers. Under the change, those who learn less than $50,400 per year would be guaranteed time-and-a-half wages for working more than 40 hours a week.
  • Tens of thousands of people in Greece protest over proposed austerity measures.
  • The deadline approaches for Iran to make a deal over its nuclear program, and an extension is expected.
  • The Supreme Court rejects Texas's attempts to make crippling restrictions to abortion clinics. Texas had attempted to impose restrictions that would have forced nearly all abortion clinics in the state to close.

What Alex Jones covered on June 30th:

  • Alex explains that giving 150% effort is not a cliche or a myth. The Globalists have shackled us, so we think that 60% is actually 100%. It's a convoluted conspiracy theory version of a junior high school football coach pep talk.
  • Alex tells a story about being schooled by a "very high level Globalist" on a plane. This Globalist in question explained to Alex that humans, when introduced to the technocratic slavery that's coming, they won't fight it, they will adapt to it, as humans always do to their environment. We feel that this conversation didn't happen, as evidenced by the level of detail and dramatization that Alex gives the story.
  • Alex puts some of Charlton Heston's business on the streets. 


  • Alex and Anthony Gucciardi do a 30+ minute infomercial for Brain Force. It is so long, and it is literally all sales pitch. It's about 25% of his entire showtime, a show that theoretically has commercial breaks where this stuff should go.