June 29, 2015

The world on June 29, 2015:

  • Donald Trump has been running for president for 13 days
  • On the preceding Friday, the Supreme Court legalized same-sex marriage, and thus, over the weekend, tons of same-sex marriages were held.
  • The Islamic State takes responsibility for attacks carried out in Tunisia on Friday that left 38 dead. They further took responsibility for a suicide bombing in Kuwait that killed 27.
  • The 3-week manhunt in New York for the two murderers who had broken out of prison ends. One of the escaped prisoners was killed by the police, and the other apprehended.
  • Puerto Rico announces that it will not be able to pay off its $72 billion in national debt.

Our episode covering the June 29th edition of The Alex Jones Show:

What Alex Jones covered on June 29th:

  • Alex believes that the Democrats are using radicals to shift the Overton Window further toward degeneracy and progressive ideals. He uses the example of Jocelyn Elders and evidence that this is something that the left does, not taking into account what Ms. Elders actually said, or the context of her comments that normalized masturbation.


  • Alex indicates that he is against the sanctions placed on Russia for their annexation of Crimea.


  • Alex spends a lot of the show spreading fear about the financial situation in Greece. While the situation in Greece was very troubling, Alex's coverage appears to be mostly motivated by a desire to convince his audience that the global currency market is about to collapse, in anticipation of his "interview" with Midas Resources owner Ted Anderson on July 2.
  • Alex plays a video of Mark Dice asking people on a beach to sign his petition to create a new national flag. The video is nonsense, however the way it is covered is illuminating. The process goes like this:
  1. Alex posts the video of Mark Dice's report on InfoWars website
  2. The Drudge Report picks up the video and posts a link to it with the headline being something along the lines of "Liberals Call To Ban American Flag"
  3. Alex, to better frame his coverage of the video on his radio show, reports on the link that is in the Drudge Report as opposed to the video itself. As such, Alex's reporting is about liberals calling to ban the flag, instead of what the video actually is, namely Mark Dice annoying people on a beach and a few of them politely signing the petition so he will leave them alone.
  4. The "news" cycle is complete. Alex posts something, it is warped by Drudge, and then Alex is able to report on the new fun-house mirror version of the original thing he posted. This is literal propaganda.
  • Alex conducts an interview with Lionel, the one-named pundit. Lionel lays out a plan for how he feels the liberals/Globalists would destroy our country. With hindsight, it is startling how similar this plan is to what Donald Trump would go on to do/reinforce as president.


  • Alex has still not mentioned that Trump is running for president