April 1, 2008


  • Mike Rivero: Host of What Really Happened with Mike Rivero. What Really Happened was another conspiracy-oriented radio show that was broadcast by Genesis Communications Network until sometime in 2010, when he left the network, according to him because he and Alex Jones did not see eye to eye on Israel. Mike is staunchly anti-Israel, and felt that Alex was becoming more and more pro-Israel as time went on. His statement about moving his show off network included the following: "GCN is a reflection of Alex Jones' views of the world, and more and more our points of view regarding Israel are diverging..I guess the breaking point was his rant in which he said that anyone who is a critic of Israel is a "weak-minded fool."
  • Walter Wagner: A retired nuclear safety officer who brought a lawsuit attempting to stop the creation of the Large Hadron Collider at CERN. Wagner was convinced that the risk was too high that their experiments could create a black hole and lead to the end of the planet. In September of 2008, his suit was dismissed. In August of 2010, his appeal was thrown out of court, citing that Wagner had failed to show "credible threat of harm," and noting that the US and its courts do not have jurisdiction over a European science facility.


Most of this episode is about how afraid Alex is about the Large Hadron Collider, and how he is sure that it has a good chance of creating a black hole that will swallow up the planet and destroy all life instantly. He spends a lot of the time on the show putting this fear into eloquent language, explaining to his audience that if it happens, you won't even feel a thing, everything will just be gone. He does not discuss how most scientists believed the collider would be safe to operate.

The other main narrative Alex is on is about how Attorney General Michael Mukasey gave a speech at the Commonwealth Club defending George W. Bush's call for warrentless collection of phone calls that come from outside the country into the county, particularly from countries that are deemed to be involved in terrorism. Mukasey's argument is awful, and the programs he is discussing are terrible, but Alex's take on it is that in the speech, Mukasey more or less admitted that the government was complicit in perpetrating the attacks of 9/11. From the only citation InfoWars provides to back this up, it is a very large leap to make that interpretation.