March 30, 2008


  • Jim Marrs: One of the world's most prolific conspiracy theorists. Alex Jones and Marrs talk a lot about how Sirhan Sirhan is a patsy and that Robert Kennedy was killed by the CIA. Whenever Marrs is on, Alex just talks about how he is a researcher into JFK and RFK conspiracy theories, but never really mentions that he's written such books as "Alien Agenda: Investigating the Extraterrestrial Presence Among Us," and "Our Occulted History: Do the Global Elite Conceal Ancient Aliens?" Also, beginning in 2011, Jim Marrs hosted a radio show called The View From Marrs on the Rense Radio Network, a network that also broadcast David Duke's radio show, so there are some questions about his judgement.
  • Yukihisa Fujita: A member of the Democratic Party of Japan in the House of Councillors. Fujita is appearing on Alex's show because he had recently come out in support of the 9/11 Truther community. This is something of an ouroboros, however, as in another interview, Fujita said that he had doubts about 9/11 from watching the film Loose Change, which was produced by Alex Jones. Alex's film created the doubts in Fujita, then Fujita appears on Alex's show to parrot back the same things that Alex put in his film, and Alex gets to elevate his narratives because they are being repeated by a foreign politician.


Because of the Jim Marrs interview, a lot of Alex's attention on today's show is taken up by talking about the RFK assassination, and accepting as concrete fact that the "Globalists" took him out. He then extends this to 9/11 and acts as if these two things are absolutely connected.

Most of the show is just a standard, kind of boring Alex Jones broadcast from this era.

Notable Calls:

  • A caller who identifies himself as a "Chemtrail Blogger" calls in to tell a long story about how he was pretty convinced that helicopters were coming to get him, or at very least were stalking him. Alex does nothing to point out to this guy that what he is experiencing is most likely a manifestation of unchecked paranoia, which is incredibly irresponsible.
  • A caller suggests to Alex that the best way to change the world would be to get all the big name celebrities who don't believe the mainstream story about 9/11 together for some kind of a "9/11 Truth Woodstock." Alex's response is that "only I could get all the celebrities" to put this together, and that he is not going to put in the kind of effort it would take to do that.

Also of note is that this episode includes a couple runs of a commercial advertising tourism to Israel and a company called Go Israel.

This is a slight indication that, at this point, Alex and/or Ted Anderson (through Genesis Communication Network) was accepting advertising money from Israel, seeing as Go Israel is run by the Ministry of Tourism of the Government of Israel.

In no way does this prove that Alex is an Israeli agent (as many of his critics claim), just that in 2008, ad revenue was coming into the operation from the Israeli government.