Episode 315: January 20-23, 2013

Alex’s Endgame Bibliography
- WhatIsTheEndgame.com has been down since at least 2008 (Note: it has come to our attention that the website is currently functional as a redirect to EndgameTheMovie.com. To clarify, it just wasn’t a functional redirect for quite a while, but has since been fixed)
- A critical analysis of Alex’s bibliography for Endgame

Piers Morgan Clip
- Article chronicling Morgan’s feud with Jeremy Clarkson
- Announcement of Morgan and Clarkson’s feud ending
- Piers Morgan and Trinny get into a fight on The Apprentice

Gold Prices
- Gold did not go up in 2013
- Gold did not go up in 2014
- Gold did not go up in 2015

Lone Star College Shooting
- Sheriff wants an apology for charging the wrong person
- Local news discusses victim’s criminal past
- OSU study about media’s racial bias
- Huffington Post article about media’s racial bias

5 Year-Old Suspended For Hello Kitty Gun
- Suspension was overturned on Jan. 30
- Dishonest InfoWars article about Ahmed Mohamed

James Holmes And The Aurora Shooting
- James Holmes’ psychological evaluation to determine competence to stand trial
- Details about the NIH award
- DARPA information, including discussion of Peak Soldier Performance program
- Janelle Ayres received DARPA funding
- DARPA’s Young Faculty Award (with list of recipients since 2008)
- The source of the DARPA information traces back to Wayne Madsen
- Dr. Fenton broke confidentiality to try to warn about Holmes being a danger
- CNN article that mentions Fenton’s previous Air Force employment
- Fenton’s past of prescribing drugs to herself and friends
- Lots of articles about Dr. Fenton by Jon Rappoport
- Conspiracy blogs citing Jon Rappoport as a source against Dr. Fenton (there are plenty more)
- James Holmes’ notebook, which was mailed to Dr. Fenton
- Steve Unruh’s unlikely story about Holmes jailhouse confession
- Steve Unruh’s book about Holmes unlikely jailhouse confession

Alien Workshop
- Reddit post not thrilled with Alien Workshop working with InfoWars
- Message board accusing Alien Workshop of being occult and satanic

“Dr.” Jim Garrow
- Jim Garrow claims Brietbart, Clancy, and Hastings killed by Obama
- Jim Garrow accuses Obama of using aliens for trickery
- Garrow lays out Obama/Soros plan to nuke the US, which was stopped by 3 military men
- Jim Garrow’s IMDB page
- Guelph Mercury investigation of Jim Garrow (includes a bit of biographical info)
- Scathing review of Garrow’s book