Endgame Coverage Bibliography

For reasons that probably can be summed up as "a blend of masochism and curiosity," Dan and Jordan decided to mark a year of doing their podcast by covering one of Alex Jones' documentaries. The Obama Deception was a strong candidate, but in the end, Endgame won out.

In Endgame, Alex Jones tries to illustrate that the New World Order is real and are trying to create a hellscape for all of us to live in as peons. In the end, he fails to prove anything, other than that he doesn't know how to read, he doesn't know how to research, and many of his beliefs, even back in 2007, were based entirely on antisemitic frauds from history.

Alex Jones made his own bibliography that he released as a backing document along with Endgame, and you can find that here. It is a sloppy piece of work, and the most generous critique I can give it is to say that it is incomplete.

One intrinsic problem is that he makes a lot of extreme claims, but then when it comes time to defend those claims in the bibliography, the only source he cites is often an Encarta encyclopedia page (that is not even available online anymore). Using Encarta is a good thing to do, if you want to (for example) prove that the League of Nations existed. Using that same encyclopedia page to assert that the LoN was secretly about starting a world government, when that is not reflected in that page, is not good research. Alex commits this offense many times.

For other outrageous claims he makes, Alex just leaves a note that he'll add a citation for them later (and this is a real example from the bibliography):


This is a pretty big claim of Alex's, and for him to just neglect to even give any citation for this should be a major red flag. It should make clear to any right thinking person that he cannot provide this citation, it is just something he is saying that he can't prove and he knows he can get away with it because most people never look at a bibliography.

An even further violation of "citation ethics," Alex Jones uses posts on his own websites (Prison Planet and InfoWars) to back up the claims he is making in the documentary. He even at one point includes a citation that is just a link to another documentary he made in the past:


All in all, his work is amateurish, completely sloppy, and embarrassing. This is to be expected, however. Alex Jones dropped out of junior college pretty quick, and he was taken out of high school for a year because, in his own words, he was getting into too many fights. This gap in his educational history probably explains a lot of what is going on here.

Alex is not someone who understands what it means to "prove" something. He is not someone who has ever had a professor grade one of his papers and taught him how to use sources and citations appropriately and responsibly. The end result is a grown man who thinks he's made a point (who has not) irresponsibly misleading his audience, well trained to be suspicious of intellectuals and academia anyway.

Oh well. Probably too late to do anything about it now. Might as well get on to the the informal bibliography for the Knowledge Fight coverage of Alex Jones' terrible and surprisingly banal "documentary" Endgame.

The Opening H.G. Wells Quote
Alex opens Endgame with a ominous quote from H.G. Wells. The version he uses is, "Countless people will hate the new world order and will die protesting against it." This is a misquoting of a passage you can find on page 111 of H.G. Wells' book The New World Order. Alex intentionally omitted words from the quotation, and did not include ellipses to indicate so to the audience. The unedited quote, and the larger context of the book as a whole, do not make the same point Alex is trying to open his "documentary" with.

Jim Tucker

An Archive Of Jim Tucker Articles From The Spotlight (Note: Not all articles in archive are by Jim Tucker, however the ones that are, such as all the ones about Bilderberg, highlight his "making stuff up"/"fanfic" style pretty clearly)
The Spotlight Is A Publication With Antisemitic Roots
The Spotlight Is Found To Have Libeled William F. Buckley and National Review

George H.W. Bush's "New World Order Speech"

Please consider the quote in the context of the entire speech

Georgia Guidestones

Basic Information About The Guidestones

Dr. Michael Coffman

Coffman's Farewell Message, Mentions Suspicious Acid Rain Study
The EPA's Page About The Very Dangerous Effects Of Acid Rain
25-Year Study Shows The Connection Between Pollution and Acid Rain (There are plenty more of these studies you can find reflecting various aspects of the damage done by acid rain)

Ron Paul's Newsletter

Article About Whether Or Not Its Believable That Paul Wasn't Aware Of The Bigotry In His Newsletter

Nathan de Rothschild Slander

Historian Brian Cathcart Explains The Satan Pamphlet, And The Lingering Hoaxes
There Was No Crash In 1815/Rothschild's Stock Purchases Between 1815-1816
Bill Still Repeats Nazi Propaganda Masqueraded As Research (at 56:39)
The 1940 Nazi Propaganda Film "Rothschild: Shares To Waterloo" 

Gavrilo Princip and The Black Hand

Alex's only citation for his claims is the Wikipedia page for The Black Hand, which is not an acceptable source.


Tim Butcher spent three years researching Gavrilo Princip to write his book, 'The Trigger – Hunting the Assassin who Brought the World to War.' He spent a great deal of time and effort on assessing what led to the assassination, what happened in the aftermath, and how the assassination was used by people to push their own agendas. As for the idea that The Black Hand was behind the assassination, Butcher had this to say:

During the hearing he (Dragutin Dimitrijevic) made extravagant and unproven claims about the central role of the Black Hand in the 1914 assassination, claiming his group had been responsible for the entire operation. While some historians have accepted [his] claim, I accept Dedijer’s analysis that it was greatly exaggerated by a man seeking to save himself from execution. It did not work.

The Black Hand was most likely just a secondary actor in the assassination, but the debate between historians rages on. Even past that, Alex's own source (the Black Hand's page on Wikipedia) does not prove in any way his assertion that they were at all connected to foreign intelligence agencies. This is as bad as just not having a citation.

Rothschild Banks Funded Both Sides of World War 1

Alex has no citation or evidence for this claim that he is making:


This is disgraceful, and leads me to believe that this is an admission on Alex's part that he believes that powerful Jewish banks are behind world wars, but he knows that he can't prove it.

World War 1 Was Done To Start The League Of Nations

Alex's only citation for this is a link to the Encarta page for the League of Nations, which is no longer online:


You can find an archived copy of the page here, and if you consult the encyclopedia entry, you'll find a description of what the League of Nations is, but literally nothing to defend the claims made in Endgame that WWI secretly only done to start the League.

Many Countries Rejected The League of Nations Out Of Sovereignty Fears

Write Up Explaining Why Some Countries Didn't Join The League

The Council On Foreign Relations

Their Stated Purpose Is Not Creating A One World Government
Council President Richard Haass's 2006 Op-Ed Discussing Globalization And Sovereignty

The Fabian Society and European Fascists Split Off From The Same Group

All Alex has to back up this assertion is a pair of Encarta pages:


These do not prove that these two entities split off from a common source in any way. Alex cannot prove the claim he makes, because it is not true. The Fabian Society was an offshoot of the Utopian group, The Fellowship of New Life, whereas the roots of European Fascist leaders and movements are incredibly diverse (though none involve spinning off from The Fellowship of New Life).

Hitler Quote About The New World Order

This is a fake quote, and Alex kind of admits as much in his bibliography:


This is a quote that no one can come up with a concrete sourcing for. It is not in a book, it's not in a speech, and odds are, the quote has its genesis as a message board meme. When the "quote" is used, it is cited as being "said during WWII," but nothing more specific or concrete than that. As this is the case, it is very irresponsible for Alex Jones to use this "quote" in his "documentary."

Smedley Butler

A Succinct Explanation Of The Business Plot (aka The Wall Street Plot)

Abdication of Edward The Eighth

The one citation, a short BBC article from 2003, Alex gives to back up his assertion does not prove his point in any way. The History Channel refutes the position, and explains reasonably well how Edward's desire to marry Wallis Simpson, and the regressive marriage policies of Britain at the time, was the real driving factor behind the abdication, and how Edward's Nazism appears to have been expressed post-abdication. If you would like more information and context, a good place to start would be checking out the citations on the Wikipedia page about the abdication.


John D. Rockefeller Donated Land For UN Building

This is both true and uncontroversial, but it is included in here solely as an excuse to include an image of William Zeckendorf Sr's original plan of what to do with the land eventually donated to the UN. It is bananas. Just look at that ridiculous thing.

The UN Was Created In Order To Create "SuperStates"

Alex just makes this claim, but none of the citations he offers in the bibliography support the claim. Really, this is nothing more than an opinion being put forth by Alex, the problem is that he is presenting it as truth backed by research. Truth backed by research would have at least one citation in the bibliography to prove it.

The Treaty Of London (1949)

Alex asserts that the Treaty of London and the creation of the Council of Europe had a secret purpose, in terms of setting up the the European Union (which wouldn't exist for 44 years after this), under the guise of trade deals. This is all he offers in the bibliography:


This is weak. The first one just is a link to the Council of Europe's homepage, and the second is just a link to the treaty that led to the Council's creation. None of this proves any of his claims, and in fact, a reading of the treaty makes it appear that Alex is completely making things up, with no provable basis.

James Warburg Quote

In his bibliography, Alex Jones does not have a citation for this, although saying that the quote was before Congress in 1950 looks like progress:


Alex claims that the quote is: “We shall have world government whether or not you like it. By conquest or consent."

However, the actual quote is: “We shall have world government, whether or not we like it. The question is only whether world government will be achieved by consent or by conquest.”

The change of the language from "whether or not we like it" to "whether or not you like it" and omitting a bunch of words without an ellipsis seem like intentional changes, made to make this quote sound more threatening, when in context, it is not threatening at all, and is in fact a part of a very thoughtful assessment of a world mid-Cold War.

You can read the full address to Congress here, and find some context here.

Bilderberg Group Meets In 1954 To Set Up The EU

Minutes of their meetings have come out of the 1954 meeting and subsequent meetings (I am not going to link to these, as they are mostly hosted by Wikileaks. If you would like to search these out, they are easy enough to find). Mostly, especially early on, they were not super driven to create the European Union, as much as they were concerned about the Soviet Union, and whether or not they would ever be able to bring business behind the Iron Curtain.

Jon Ronson Went To Bilderberg With Jim Tucker

You can find the video on this trip to Portugal here, on YouTube. Ronson's actions, in terms of reaching out to Bilderberg members for comments, completely expose the lacking investigative or journalistic skills of Jim Tucker. Ronson ends up speaking with Bilderberg members about Bilderberg (something the conspiracy community would say was impossible), and Jim Tucker ends up giving a very unconvincing defense to the accusation that he works for an antisemitic publication.

Episode 2

Alex Jones Detained At Canadian Border

The article from Paul Joseph Watson can be found here. There is nothing in this article that makes me believe that this story is true, and if it were, it seems like Alex might have filed a lawsuit for harassment. Meanwhile, there are a ton of red flags and very unbelievable (most likely fabricated) quotes that lead me to believe that this story is not true.

Westbrook Pegler

A Pretty Generous Profile of Pegler In The New Yorker
A Look At Some Of The More Troubling Aspects Of Pegler's Writing
Neither of these mention his columns exposing Bilderberg. Pegler very well may have written about the "money manipulators" in articles that Jim Tucker read in 1957, but it is important to remember that Pegler is someone with a history of antisemitic leanings, post 1949. Whatever these columns said, and whatever Pegler's true intentions are, is unclear, but Alex is no help, seeing as this is the citation he provides for Westbrook Pegler:


David Rockefeller Quote

Discussion Of What Happened With This Quote
Full Video Of Where David Rockefeller Was Supposed To Have Said This 
Alex's bibliography had no citation for this quote:


Daniel Estulin

Completely Scathing Review of His Book, The True Story About The Bilderberg Group
Gyeorgos C. Hatonn's Bio (Includes confirmation that he used to sell Collodial Silver)

Alex Accuses Bilderbergers Of Violating Logan Act

The Logan Act
Alex has gone on air in 2017 to say that the Logan Act doesn't matter, because he needed to deflect accusations that Gen. Michael Flynn violated the Logan Act by coordinating with Russian government officials before Trump's inauguration. Alex cannot have both of these positions and be intellectually consistent.

Kissinger Wrote That He Wanted To Kill 80% of The Population

This claim that Alex is making is due to an inability on Alex's part to understand what he reads, in this specific case, it is the UN Biodiversity Assessment (the passage this comes from is on page 773) from 1996. This is a super complex, densely written, 1152 page book, and Alex knows damn well that none of his listeners are going to read it, and even if they did, the bias he's implanted into their heads ahead of time will make it so they see every word as suspicious, whether it is or not.
This is the quote that came from that text: “In contrast, in the industrial world today, and among the large middles classes of the developing world, consumerism is all-pervasive: indeed it defines what constitutes ‘the good life”…Whittaker and Likens (1975) have estimated that an ‘agricultural world’ in which most human beings are peasants, should be able to support 5 to 7 billion people, probably more if the large agricultural population were supported by an industry-promoting agricultural activity. In contrast, a reasonable estimate for an industrialized world society at the present North American material standard of living would be one billion. At the more frugal European standard of living, 2-3 billion would be possible. These figures represent not just the contrasting material demands of developed and developing societies but also their contrasting dietary habits.”
- Alex is not understanding the difference between descriptive and prescriptive language, and misleads his audience by intentionally blurring that line to malign his enemies.

The North American Union

The NAU does not exist. Every time the idea is proposed, no one really takes the idea that seriously, knowing that there is no way the three countries could possibly agree on the basics of it. 

Generally, fears about the North American Union are the product of propaganda campaigns put forth by fringe right-wing groups like the John Birch Society or the Eagle Forum, and their talking points are spread by craven mouthpieces with no standards like Jerome Corsi, who incidentally is Alex's source for the claims about the NAU and Robert Pastor.

Hiring Foreigners As Cops And Military Is A "Red Dawn Scenario"

Statistics About Foreign Born Individuals In The Armed Services
Perspective About Immigrants Becoming Police

The US and UK Agree On A Single Market

This Is Not Really About What Alex Says It Is

Alex Misspelled Undermine


The African Union

The Founding Constitution of The African Union Is Specifically About "Defending the Sovereignty, Territorial Integrity and Independence of Its Member States"
The African Union Enforces Democracy In Togo
The African Union Pushes For Elections In Mauritania
The African Union Pushes For Elections in Mali
None of Alex's citations in his bibliography prove that the African Union has suspicious funding, nor do any of them prove his assertion that the troops of the AU exist only to further the exploitation of the Globalists in Africa.

Trans Texas Corridor

First point, the Trans Texas Corridor did not get made.
Secondly, it is legal for foreign companies to own roads and charge tolls. If they were charging exorbitant amounts that made it prohibitive for US citizens to use the roads, or if these foreign companies were trying to make it so American businesses could not use them, then the Council on Foreign Investment In The United States would get involved. If a Spanish business were just trying to make a profit off toll roads, that is just capitalism.

Episode 3

Kansas City Port Is Mexican Sovereign Territory

The port is not sovereign territory, but the proposed Mexican Customs Office would need to be. This distinction is even clear in the World Net Daily article used as backup for Alex's claim.

Australian Company Owned By Mexican Company Bought Newspapers To Silence Critics

Macquarie Media purchased two companies that owned papers in TX and OK
Macquarie Media is not owned by a Mexican company
The company that wanted to develop the road was called Macquarie Infrastructure Company, but this is a completely separate company from Macquarie Media. They were both just named after Lachlan Macquarie, former Governor of New South Wales.

Wildlands Project

Alex is using maps created and "interpreted" by Michael Coffman, pretending it actually reflects a real UN plan, as opposed to just Coffman's take on it
Beyond that, Alex has zero citations in his bibliography to defend any of his assertions:


The Highway System's History

Eisenhower had a life-long love of roads
A brief history of the racial elements of the development of our highways

Section 802 of The Patriot Act

The Patriot Act is horrible, but Section 802 does not make all misdemeanors "terrorism"

VIPER Teams Make Citizens Show Their Papers

One article Alex cites is directly about increased security concerns (describing bag checks, but no reference to "showing papers") in NY in the week of the London Transit Bombing.
The other article he cites, he cites this way:


The problem here is that that link, marked as "Associated Press," is actually a link to an article on Prison Planet that may or may not be a copy-and-pasting from an AP article. In terms of the rules of citations, this is sloppy and borders on unethical.

Chinese-American Relations

Treaty of Wangxia
The Chinese Exclusion Act of 1882
The Rock Springs Massacre of 1885
The Snake River Massacre of 1887
Chinese Are Scapegoated For Plague Outbreak of 1898
Ping Pong Diplomacy
Nixon Goes To China Just 1 Year Prior To Rockefeller's Op-Ed

China's One Child Policy

China's Deep History of Famine
Alex offers no citations whatsoever that Planned Parenthood was behind the roots of the One Child Policy:


Kissinger's Depopulation Quote

This quote is fabricated, and Alex has no citation for it:


Thomas Malthus

Definition Of Mathusian Catastrophe
Alex's citation for this is to a very long book by Malthus, with no specified reference. The book itself mainly describes population pressures in various parts of the world, and advocates for preventative actions to be taken, so population does not explode to the point where we end up in a situation where masses are starving or are terribly diseased.

Cold Springs Harbor

Cold Springs Harbor Was Not Just A Eugenics Lab

Tomorrow's Children

This film is very clearly anti-eugenics in nature. Alex has selectively edited clips together to make a different point than the film itself does

Eugenics Record Office

Carnegie Withdraws Funding In 1935

Margaret Sanger

Sanger had been working for women's health for a long time before 1923
She got funding when she created the first legal birth control clinic, something she had been fighting an unpopular battle to create for a long time
Sanger was not a racist

Prince Philip Quote

Alex is paraphrasing and taking this quote out of context

Aldous Huxley's 1962 Speech At Berkeley

Alex selectively edits the audio of this speech to make it sound like Huxley is admitting to things he is not. The context is incredibly clear, if one takes the time to listen to his entire speech, which you can find here. This is one of the clearer cases of intentional twisting of words in this "documentary."

Israeli Ringworm Radiation Treatment

Alex's citation for this largely depends on one documentary film, The Ringworm Children, that has been criticized as not offering a complete picture:


Dr. Shifra Shivarts' paper offers some context about the treatment, the world context, and the reason that side-effects were not understood sooner (the Holocaust)

Bertrand Russell Quote

Alex is taking this quote entirely out of context. Read in concert with the rest of the text (find this passage on p. 51), it is clear that Russell is talking about the horrors that could have befallen the world had a regime like the Nazis won WWII and implemented scientific rule.  He speaks of this entirely as a negative prospect, and is not advocating for this kind of thing.

Foster Children

Children in the foster care system show a greatly increased incidence of mental health issues
The specific mental health issues they show elevated levels for are exactly the ones you would expect, given the general childhood of one in foster care
The incidence of childhood trauma in children in foster care is way higher than it is for the general population
Kids in these circumstances need help, and often that means medications, and definitely not judgement

National Security Study Memorandum 200

Alex is lying about what this memo says. Read it in its entirety here.

Nixon and Bush Advised China On One Child Policy

The only citation that Alex provides for his is a link to the text of Nixon announcing George HW Bush as his pick for Ambassador to the UN in 1970. The text does not mention China or the policy in any way, and happened two years before Nixon went to China:


The Club of Rome

The Club of Rome is not evil. You can read most of their reports on their own website, and the rest you can easily find PDFs of, if you would like. If you would prefer to read a boiled down version of some of their work, I wrote a piece about them which you can find here.

The Club of Rome Created Peak Oil

M. King Hubbard first theorized Peak Oil in 1956 (Club of Rome did not exist until 1968)
Shell admits they exaggerated their discovered oil reserves by 20%

Israel and South Africa Created Ethnic Specific Bioweapons

Post about why this is ridiculous from someone who worked for The Sunday Times
The original article is not online anymore, but a reposting (in a terrible web layout) is available here. Note the "additional reporting" listed by the person who wrote the post in our first link

Cheney Thinks Bioweapons Are Useful

This is a misreading of a paragraph in the Project For A New American Century document. If you read p. 72 here, it makes things a bit clearer about what he was actually saying.

Ted Turner/Bill Gates/Warren Buffett

None of Alex's citations prove any of his assertions. He fails to demonstrate that these men give especially to "depopulation" initiatives,  and he fails to demonstrate that they have nefarious motives for their philanthropy. This section of the documentary is pure conjecture, and the citations provided merely prove that these three men gave away a ton of money to charities.

Dr. Eric Pianka

Text of Pianka's speech to provide some context
All of the citations Alex provides to prove his assertions about Dr. Pianka are just links to stories he has posted on Prison Planet, which is not good enough:


The Top Private Landowners

Alex asserts that "phony conservation groups" are the top landowners in America, but this is not close to true. Here is a list of the top 100 landowners. Here is a breakdown of all the usable land in America, and what we are doing with it

The Sun Drives Climate Change

The sun is in play, but is not the main factor with what scientists are seeing
Dispelling misinformation about "Climategate"
Alex's main Climate Change Source, Lord Monckton, is the chief policy adviser for the Science and Public Policy Institute, which is operated by the Frontiers of Freedom Foundation, who has accepted over a million dollars in funding from ExxonMobil. Lord Monckton is also a crazy person.

Carbon Taxes

Singapore's plan to enact carbon tax
Many countries have found great success with carbon taxes, particularly Australia
Canada's carbon tax proposal involves funneling the money raised back to the citizens

Ray Kurzweil Quote

This is a real quote, but most of Kurzweil's predictions for 2009 were inaccurate (the quote comes from a book mostly full of predictions for 2009)

Why The Future Doesn't Need Us

Alex is misrepresenting this essay. You can read it here. The essay is largely about a fear about the rapid acceleration of technology, and the possible implications, not about infiltrating a group of mad technocrats bent on killing off humanity.

Transhumanism Long Predates Julian Huxley

W.D. Lighthall used the term 17 years before Huxley
Proto-transhumanist ideas predate this by decades, even centuries if you accept the ideas expressed in myths and legends

Mexican Officials Getting Chipped

You can find an article explaining this here

Arthur Kroker Quote

Alex cites an article that does not feature this quote. You can read it here, and if you do so, you will get a sense for Kroker's verbal style, particularly his flair for vague suggestions and exaggeration
The quote itself comes from an issue of Mondo 2000, which is not available online and is very difficult to order. However, the history of Mondo 2000 as a publication should call into question how literally one should take this quote

FEMA Camps

Most of the fears that "patriots" have about FEMA camps come from a paranoid reading of House Resolution 645. The conclusions they draw are not supported by the text
REX84 was not a plan to round up patriots or conservatives, it was to round up liberals, immigrants, union organizers, and anti-war protesters

Jim Tucker Is Imagining A Universal Translator

Where technology is now

Alex Supports Rick Perry Now Because He Is In Trump's Cabinet