Alex Missed a Year of School Because Of Violence Issues

On the August 11, 2014 episode of The Alex Jones Show, further details were revealed about Alex Jones' increasingly troubling and violent youth. We have previously documented that Alex has bragged on his show about putting multiple people into comas, and this new piece of biographical information certainly meshes with that:

This clip came as Alex came back from a commercial break and as he was preparing to jump back into a call about the evils of vaccines. His caller had mentioned that she was seeing similar side-effects in animals that got vaccinated as she did in children.

The call is inconsequential and not compelling, except in as much as it reminded Alex of veterinarians, and how he had once worked at an animal hospital. As that memory is jogged in his mind, he over-explains why he worked at an animal hospital and tells a seemingly unrelated story about how he was kicked out of school for almost an entire year because he was "getting in a lot of fights and stuff."

Based on his timeline, this would have been past the age of 15, since he mentioned that he had gotten a car. Assuming he was 16, this would be 1989 or 1990, which was a time when in-school fighting did not have the horrible stigma it does today. Columbine was still 10 years away, and just as far off were all the conversations about bullying and implementation of zero-tolerance policies.

At the risk of over-editorializing, it does seem that for a high school sophomore to be thrown out of a Texas school in 1990 for fighting, they would have to be exhibiting some very intense behavioral problems. Being "sent to the ranch" may well be a down-home version of being "sent to military school," but in this case, no noticeable changes were made to Alex's behavior. He is still, to this day, the very same violent child who couldn't be trusted to not disrupt a classroom.